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PhD Courses:

Sustainable Supply Chains

Professor Dr. Çerağ Pinçe, Professor Dr. Maria Besiou, Kuehne Logistics University

Audience: PhD students, KLU PhD candidates


2013-04-15 to

09:00 AM to
05:00 PM

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This course aims to give students an overview about the sustainable supply chains and is composed of two modules: Closed-loop Supply Chains presented by Professor Dr. Çerağ Pinçe and Humanitarian Logistics presented by Professor Dr. Maria Besiou.

Module 1: Closed-loop Supply Chains

by Prof. Dr. Çerağ Pinçe

The purpose of the course is to introduce students to the state of the art research on closed-loop supply chains while improving their critical reading and presentation skills and to advance them in formulating a research problem that might potentially be extended to a publication. The students are expected to present and discuss papers from both classical and emerging literature on strategic, tactical and operational aspects of closed-loop supply chains and to turn these presentations into learning experience for the participants via discussions.

More information about Professor Dr. Çerağ Pinçe.

Module 2: Humanitarian Logistics

by Prof. Dr. Maria Besiou

The purpose of the course is to introduce students to humanitarian logistics as a relatively new area of research. The objective is not only to become familiar with the operations of the humanitarian supply chains, the different stakeholders, the challenges that they face and the differences/commonalities that they bear with the commercial supply chains but also to delve into unexplored areas. To do this students will read papers in the field, have lectures that illuminate these papers the associated topics, and prepare a short research paper to further deepen understanding.

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