KLU turns 10!

In 2020, KLU is celebrating 10 years of award-winning teaching and research.

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Corona: Measures and information

Read here our latest news, expert analysis and comments and find a list of experts from KLU faculty on the effects of Corona.

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Out now: KLU CV Book!

We invite you to browse the CVs of our graduating classes.

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Hygiene Concept Video

Our highest priority is to ensure the health of our students, staff and guests. Here you will see how we are responding to the current situation on campus.

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Kühne Logistics University is a private university with the right to confer PhD degrees. KLU's focus lies in the fields of Logistics and Leadership.

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10 Years of Kühne Logistics University in Hamburg

In the year 2020, Kühne Logistics University (KLU) can look back on its first successful decade as an institution of higher education for logistics and management in Hamburg.

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Decarbonizing Logistics – Interview with Prof. Alan McKinnon

What impact has the COVID-19 crisis had on CO2 emissions in the logistics industry? What is the role of innovation and technology in the green restructuring of the industry? What does the industry nee...

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Celebrating 10 years of KLU – Anniversary magazine out now

The anniversary magazine “This is your KLU” was released on November 4, 2020. Under the motto “10 years of award-winning teac...

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IJOPM Outstanding Paper Award for Professor Moritz Petersen

Professor Moritz Petersen along with Professors Sebastian Brockhaus (John Carroll University) and Michael Knemeyer (The Ohio ...

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KLU Talks Business … with Robert Dohrendorf, Graphmasters

Actively avoiding traffic congestion is the promise made by successful routing company Graphmasters which made a guest appear...

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Forum Zukunftslabor Mobilität


UniKonnect - Introducing the Cosi Group

Carmen Lopez (COSI Group), Moritz Wolff (COSI Group)


UniKonnect - Career advice Workshop

Richard Moore

Saving Migrant´s Lives at Sea: Improving Search and Rescue Operations

Research Seminar Series

Kühne Logistics University (KLU) is a private university that focusses on logistics and leadership. KLU offers various programs and courses which will well prepare students to take on international leadership positions. What starts with a Preparation Program and the Bachelor in Business Administration can be continued with the Master in Management and the Master in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. The Doctoral Program (PhD) and the MBA in Leadership and Supply Chain Management at Kuehne Logistics University are especially designed for high achievers who aim to deepen their knowledge in research or leadership skills. Headed by our President Thomas Strothotte, KLU Hamburg is a highly ranked international university which offers excellent education and unique experiences for all students. The university KLU is the perfect place for everyone who wants to study in Hamburg Germany and aims to build a career in the area of logistics and supply chain management and beyond.

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