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KLU Library team launches new website and search

You might already have noticed: the KLU Library has a new website. Along with the fresh look, the Library team has also launched a brand new tool for literature searches. KLU Library Discovery Services is a one-stop search interface enabling users to search multiple sources quickly and easily.

“Our new search interface makes looking for literature like a walk in the park,” said Jan Hartmann, the person responsible for implementing Discovery Services for the KLU Library. “Before, you had to search Library resources using many different sources and tools. With our new search service, you need only one tool and one search field to get started.” To explain the benefits, Hartmann provided this example: “Imagine you are searching for information for a paper. Simply enter the topic you want to explore, let’s say green logistics, in the search box. You will get results from online articles, e-books, journals, and databases – all in one step.” With the new search tool, KLU Library users can search many databases at once and find relevant publications and data faster and easier – an obvious advantage for anyone doing research.

Alongside the new search function, the new Library website offers an overview of the available information resources and the many support offers, training courses, and tutorials. And the new site means a step out into the spotlight. “Until now, the Library was primarily accessible through the KLU intranet. With the new site, all the services and resources we offer are visible to a broader audience,” said Gianpiero Addis, who oversaw the Library website’s move to the KLU homepage. “Our Library specializes in information on logistics and management and we are building an excellent research collection on these subjects,” explained Addis. “We want to make our expertise available to researchers around the world.”

To find out more about the new search tool, visit the new KLU Library website or talk to Lene Moeller Jensen, Agneta Bock, Gianpiero Addis, or Jan Hartmann from the Library team. They will be happy to provide you with detailed information.