And…action! 6th KLU Movie Night

After the corona-related online Movie Night in 2020, the red carpet was rolled out for the sixth KLU Movie Night. This special night showcases short films written, directed and produced by KLU MSC students. The winners were selected from 24 entries in nine categories.

The KLU Movie Night films are a brainchild of the Leadership and Organizational Behavior courses taught by Prof. Niels Van Quaquebeke and Prof. Christian Tröster. All contributions deal with a problem from the field of Leadership or Organizational Behavior and its solution – sometimes in a documentary style, sometimes action-packed and very often with a good dose of humor.

This year, prizes were awarded in a total of nine categories.

Best Actress
Karla Denise Rodriguez

Best Actor
Zhao Wei

Best Picture and Best Sound
Malte Großmann
Claudia Mendez
Joomeen Oh

Most Entertaining
Chiara Bilowitzki
Ronan Mériadeg Ogire
Alexander Thomas Laggis
Elvina Mutygullina
Alex Edwards Childers

Best Costume
Yuhang Zhang
Houzhuang Zhu

Best Make-Up
Caspar Felix Ebeling
Tilen Skok
Christian Harrison Copeland
Christian Neumann
Kilian Lauritz Fischedick

Best Special FX
Valerine Leoris Elivs
Vaishnav Deepak Desale
Elizaveta Savchenko

Most Educational
Egor Sarafanov
Victor Antoine Seyller
Matthias Vogelsberger

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