Corona Crisis: Next Free Q&A for Companies (April 23rd & 30th)

How can companies deal with the consequences of the corona crisis? At KLU proven experts research and teach on strategic questions of the supply chain and business management. On Thursday April 23rd, 19:00 and April 30th, 10:00 some of them will be answering your questions from the business world – from corporations to SMEs and the self-employed. Professors from Kühne Logistics University will share their expertise in free online Q&A sessions.

Participate free of charge from the convenience of your own home via video chat and find out more about various topics related to the corona crisis. To participate, follow the corresponding zoom link for the respective session, which will be announced on this page in a timely manner.

The Professors and topics:

April 23, 19:00h (CEST)

1) Prof. Prisca Brosi
Challenges and solutions for HR during the corona crisis: Implications for job security, home office, virtual communication, and health

  • Zoom link
  • Meeting ID: 997 1764 2869
  • Password: 023267

2) Prof. Rod Franklin, PhD
Risk Planning for the Future:  Avoiding the next black swan event

3) Prof. Dr. Kai Hoberg
Demand planning in the Covid-19 crisis: How to deal with unprecedented demand shifts?

April 30, 10:00h (CEST)

1) Prof. Sönke Albers
Marketing in a crisis: Investing or cost cutting

2) Prof. Jan Fransoo
Preparing for Covid-19: Exit and rampup
Main focus on industrial supply chains (others welcome to attend)

  • Zoom link (will follow in due time)

3) Prof. Dr. Henrik Leopold
Operational excellence in times of a crisis: How process mining can help to improve your business processes

4) Prof. Alan McKinnon, PhD
Impact of Covid-19 on logistics systems and global supply chains: An update

5) Prof. Dr. Niels Van Quaquebeke
Remote leadership: How can managers effectively counter the psychological effects of self-isolation and optimise virtual work?

  • Zoom meeting room
  • Meeting ID: 954 9781 6704
  • Starting April 24th you can already leave your questions in the room: hashtag #remote

An up-to-date overview of all participating professors and topics can also be found on our homepage.

You are welcome to submit questions for the respective sessions in advance by contacting Juan Pablo del Valle or posting them online using the hashtag #KLU_QandA. Juan Pablo del Valle is also available for you and your company if you have any questions about further Executive Education offers.

Our series of expert comments on the corona crisis will offer you a first impression on the research and expertise of our professors.

Please note the following information:

  • The sessions will be held in English.
  • The sessions will not be recorded.
  • It is possible to participate anonymously and without registering.
  • The number of participants is unlimited.

More information:

"Impact of Covid-19 Crisis on Logistics Systems and Supply Chains" by Prof. Alan McKinnon:

  • presentation, Q&A on April 2nd
  • dossier: 18 issues raised in Q&A (April 2nd) and links to over 70 articles, reports and websites