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KLU CV book overview with profile pictures

We are delighted and proud to present the 2016 graduates of Kühne Logistics University to you. In our CV Book, you will find the profiles of the 84 graduating students from our Master of Science in Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Bachelor and Master of Science in Management, and Executive MBA programs.

Our BSc and MSc programs have given them the opportunity to study a broad array of logistics, supply chain and management subjects at an advanced level. All of the students have also undertaken a 3- to 4-month research project focused on a business topic. The unique combination of business, logistics, supply chain management, economics and leadership that we offer equips KLU students with the skills they will need to pursue a successful career in management anywhere in the world.

In addition to a high-quality academic education, future logistics, supply chain, and business leaders require practical work experience and sensitivity to different cultures. All of our students have done internships in industry with companies such as DB International, Maersk Broker, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Capgemini Consulting, Audi AG and Otto Group. They have also had the benefit of a 3-month exchange semester at one of our approx. 50 partner universities in the Americas, Asia, and Europe.

We feel that we have given our students an excellent preparation for a career in business and invite you to consider them as candidates for positions in your organizations. If you would like further information about our students and university, please don’t hesitate to contact our head of career services, Ms. Anne Rehmet. She can also help you to contact the students directly. Ms. Rehmet is available at +49 40 328 707 130 or recruit(at)

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