Never Give up – Podcast with Ukrainian Student Oleksandra Shvets

Some apparently trivial decisions in life can end up being the door to a new opportunity in this unexpected world. Little did our podcast guest know that studying German during her high school years would make her current life much easier. With an agenda full of plans for her future, the life of our Ukrainian bachelor’s student changed drastically in a single night. Good for her, readapting and never giving up have become top strengths in her skill sets. Discover how she changed the course of her own life when the world turned ugly around her.

The war in Ukraine forced Oleksandra to leave her studies in Kyiv and find a safe place to continue her life. However, no army can destroy the extraordinary energy of Oleksandra and her will to grow, thrive and give back to her community. Now inside the walls of KLU Campus, she is still the extremely engaged student she already was in Ukraine, and her story of overcoming all kinds of challenges with a bold and positive attitude has conquered our hearts. Let yourself be inspired by it too!

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