FIBAA Premium Seal for KLU

Accrediting degree programs is a lot of work and there are no fireworks involved. Nevertheless, the management and faculty of Kühne Logistics University in Hamburg received the FIBAA Accreditation Commission’s announcement with great pleasure. Both of KLU’s master’s degree programs – Management and Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management – have earned the FIBAA Premium Seal.

“Accreditation procedures assure the university’s teaching quality. This is why they are very important. They benefit the students and the teachers to the same extent,” said Dr. Helga Beste, the acting head of programs. “But receiving a seal of quality like this one is very special. We are extremely happy.” She and her team compiled the documents for the accreditation procedure and answered all of the commission’s questions during the procedure, which takes months. “Since we only have two master’s programs, this top honor is also a quality seal for the entire university,” added Beste.

KLU’s president, Professor Thomas Strothotte, also expressed his pleasure: “Our standards for research and teaching are extremely high. It pays to consistently meet them. Top results for KLU in the latest Handelsblatt research rankings and in the CHE university rankings are the proof. I am thrilled that our master’s programs have received the FIBAA Premium Seal – it confirms that the path we are taking is the right one.”