Gateway to the World: International Exchange Summit at KLU

More than 70 guests from consulates, companies, foreign clubs, and international organizations gathered at KLU on March 6, 2018, to enjoy an evening of thoughts, talks and networking. Jointly organized with the International School of Hamburg (ISH), KLU hosted the second International Exchange Summit Hamburg.

“A wonderful evening!”, “Inspiring, insightful, and beautifully organized.” Participants of the International Exchange Summit were full of praise for the event. A keynote by Professor Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker, chairman of the Club of Rome, on Disruptive Changes Ahead – Where Is the Place for Sustainability? and an ensuing interview with von Weizsäcker conducted by KLU professor Rod Franklin and ISH student Timothy Bartlett provided ample opportunity for discussion.

The event was the second in what is to become a tradition among KLU and ISH. “Hamburg is home to citizens from almost every country in the world”, Andrew Cross, Head of School at ISH, said. “By organizing this event together with our partners at ISH, we are aiming at bringing different nationalities, institutions, and organizations together to create a truly international community”, added KLU president Thomas Strothotte.

Which during the event worked out very well. Representatives from organizations as diverse as the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Uganda, the Anglo-German International Women’s Association, the Business Association for Latin America, and the World Food Program followed the invitation to get to know each other, to meet old acquaintances, and to make new contacts.

The good relations between KLU and ISH are not confined to the International Exchange Summit. In late 2017, Alexander Himme, Associate Professor of Management Accounting at KLU, was elected into the Board of Governors of ISH as a non-parent member. In this position, he is actively involved in the strategic decisions and policies of the school.