Honorary VHB Membership for Professor Sönke Albers

Soenke Albers in front of flipchart

The German Academic Association for Business Research (VHB) has awarded Professor Sönke Albers, the dean of research at Kühne Logistics University, one of its rare honorary memberships.

"I am quite pleased to have received this very special honor,” said Albers. The association announced the award at this year’s conference, which it held from May 27-29 in Vienna.

Almost all of the 2,200 university teachers in Germany, Austria and the German-language region of Switzerland belong to the VHB. The association has granted Albers this honor for proven academic excellence and merit for his contribution to the association’s development.

A member of the VHB since 1982, Albers has held various high-ranking functions in the association. He was a member of the VHB advisory board, chairman of the Marketing Commission, editor-in-chief of the association’s academic newspaper “Business Research,” and the association’s chairman from 2007-2008.

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