How can skilled migrants become more effectively involved in organizational improvement?

Christian Troester in KLU faculty lounge

On February 10, 2015, during his sabbatical at Victoria University’s Centre for Applied Cross-Cultural Research in Wellington, New Zealand, KLU Professor Christian Tröster gave the keynote speech on Leading Cross-Cultural Teams at the “Strengthening Auckland’s Migrant Skills” Pathway Forum organized by the New Zealand government.

Professor Tröster presented the results of his research, which show how leaders can reap the benefits of a culturally diverse workforce. In particular, he explained why employees with a cultural minority background often decline to share their constructive ideas for organizational improvement and how leaders can encourage their input. “This topic is particularly relevant for the Auckland region, because 39% of its population was born outside of New Zealand and many residents came into the country as skilled immigrants,” Tröster explained. While New Zealand relies heavily on immigrants for business growth, Tröster’s research shows that, paradoxically, members of cultural minorities will often withhold important input that could improve business processes.

Auckland hosted the forum to showcase the work being undertaken by three organizations that have partnered to successfully attract and retain skilled migrants to Auckland – the Auckland Council, Immigration New Zealand, and Auckland Tourism Events and Economic Development (ATEED).

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