How 'Deutschlandstipendium' supports KLU students (Part I)

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Insights from current KLU recipients of the Deutschlandstipendium (Part I). Since September 2021, KLU was again able to award the Deutschlandstipendium to twelve KLU students in all degree programs. This unique scholarship, which is supported by private donations matched by public funds, grants twelve months of unconditional financial support to students who have demonstrated outstanding academic performance and/or social commitment. A bit more than halfway through the term, we asked our scholarship holders for some feedback.

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How has the scholarship helped them manage their daily lives inside and outside university so far? Has it made a difference with regard to the challenges of studying in the midst of a global pandemic? What have they used their extra funds for? In the following, our “lucky dozen” share some key experiences and insights (Part I):

The Deutschlandstipendium is a great honor that rewards outstanding achievements in academics as well as social engagement. As a student, finances are always short. And some extra money is therefore an extensive add-on which can be used by students to better focus on their studies and not suffer from distraction by work in addition to studying. Furthermore, it is very motivating to be appreciated and rewarded for your outstanding performance.

Gero Niemann, MSc Management, Class of 2022


The scholarship helped me in financing my studies. I was able to use the scholarship money to help cover my monthly household expenses. I was able to take additional courses to support me in my studies. I would like to thank all the companies that are sponsoring the Deutschlandstipendium, as the scholarship not only helps us finance our studies but also motivates students to do better in academics in order to achieve these scholarships.

Akshat Jain, M.Sc. Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Class of 2022



As I am pursuing the tricontinental program, one of the biggest challenges was the uncertainty and difficulty in planning the two semesters abroad. I was glad that at least both the first semester in Hamburg and the third semester in America could take place as planned and that I could learn a lot about the different cultures. The financial support has enabled me to live a more carefree life in the USA. In addition, I was able to experience more, which broadened my horizons as well as life experience – through online courses, for example, or cultural and recreational events. I also donated the monthly payment in March to Ukraine humanitarian aid.

Philipp Huber, M.Sc. in Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management (Tricontinent), Class of 2022



With the Deutschlandstipendium, I could completely finance my studies and living expenses in Hamburg. This brought me peace of mind. I could focus on health treatments without worrying about finding extra work. It freed up my time for activities like taking German courses, Student Ambassador activities, volunteering for Hanseatic Help and helping my colleagues. To me, Deutschlandstipendium is like a motivational gift and a benevolent investment at the same time. Many KLU students are like quality seeds with much potential but are lacking the right support. The Deutschlandstipendium may be just the support that helps push them to the next level.

Huyen Phan, M.Sc. Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Class of 2022


I dedicated a significant portion of my scholarship to acquiring software and hardware products that would complement me in my studies. As I was working and actively engaging in several pro bono initiatives alongside my studies, the scholarship came in handy. Given the financial support that is provided by this scholarship, young talent is supported in following their academic and professional interests and can therefore optimally decide on their prospective career path. Thus, sponsoring a student is not merely financial support but rather a door opener for the respective scholar.

Alexander Nicholas Steimel, B.Sc. Business Administration, Class of 2023


The scholarship has allowed me to dedicate myself to three things that I would otherwise have less time for due to financial reasons. I focus more on my role as president at advisupply, allowing me to drive more growth. I have the time and freedom to pursue other volunteer activities. I now tutor disadvantaged children at an elementary school here in Mexico on a daily basis, and I can better integrate and do more activities during my stay abroad. The scholarship gives its holders the opportunity to focus more on essential topics relevant to their studies instead of on financing their studies and life. This has an added value that goes well beyond the 300 euros per month.

Federico De Ponte, B.Sc. Business Administration, Class of 2023

Would you like to support KLU students by making a donation to the Deutschlandstipendium? For detailed information on the Deutschlandstipendium at KLU, more statements from our scholarship holders, and information on how to donate, please visit: Deutschlandstipendium at KLU

See also Part II of our series, in which six additional scholarship holders share their experiences.

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