Humanitarian Logistics

The winners of 2015 KLU case competition

KLU congratulates the happy winners of this year's case competition

KLU held its fifth case competition for bachelor’s students in April. A total of 14 participants from Germany, Africa and Europe worked on a case study in the humanitarian logistics field and presented their recommended solutions to the jury. This year’s jury consisted of professors Maria Besiou and Sandra Transchel from KLU, and Sean Barton, an expert who has held leading positions in humanitarian aid organizations for many years. The participants divided up into 2-person teams to work out a useful strategic solution to the real-life task in the humanitarian logistics field. “This was a great opportunity to prove our academic abilities. It was really a challenge to work together with an unfamiliar person from a different culture and it was a lot of fun to tackle the problem,” said competition winner Dirk Hagmeier (right). Maximilian Wilde (left), the second happy winner, added: “The group of participants was extremely varied and extremely ambitious. This is why I’m really proud to have won.”