Interview: Update on HANSEBLOC System – Tamper-Proof Logistics

Since 2018 the Logistics Initiative Hamburg (LIHH) has been working with ten partners from Northern Germany on the blockchain research project HANSEBLOC. As one of two scientific partners in the project consortium, KLU is responsible for the scientific evaluation of the developed HANSEBLOC system. Furthermore, KLU has played a significant role in coordinating the selection of use cases in the project. In this interview with LIHH, KLU researcher Thomas Twenhöven gives an update on the status of this project and provides an overview KLU’s contribution.

Up until now, transport and logistics companies have exchanged shipping documents, waybills, and customs documents in paper form by using e-mail, cloud services, or employing web-based freight exchanges. However, none of these options are tamper-proof, and, due to differing software solutions, they are also prone to errors. In participating in this cooperative project headed by HANSEBLOC, KLU aims to solve these issues in a sustainable way using blockchain technology.