KLU Book Recommendation: “Vertriebsmanagement“

Cover of the book Vertriebsmanagement

A book by sales experts for sales experts. KLU professor Dr. Sönke Albers and Dr. Manfred Krafft, a professor at WWU Münster, are the authors of the first German-language reference work on how field sales forces can be professionally managed and controlled.

Elegantly and with plenty of practical relevance, “Vertriebsmanagement” conveys how field sales forces can be professionally managed and controlled. Sönke Albers and Manfred Krafft rely on the latest results of international research, use examples and case studies from the European and German-speaking regions, and document their information with extensive proprietary studies. The authors have created a German-language reference work that will be used as a foundation for bachelor and master’s courses in Business Administration. It also provides academically inclined sales managers with expert information on the professional management of field sales forces.

Albers and Krafft on their book: “The demands on sales departments are continuously rising. As a result, the employees and their managers in Sales are being faced with many more challenges. Sales managers are often former salespeople who have been promoted to their management position due to sales success, without having been properly prepared for their new responsibilities. In cases like this, it can be very helpful to extract structured, systematic information from our recently published book on sales management. We are also encountering a new generation of sales managers who already possess management skills but do not have much experience with personal sales. Our book provides these managers with cross-sector insight into sales. We would like to make it clear, however, that our book is an aid for orientation and does not provide any sure formulas for success.“

Scientific and reference media specialist Springer is publishing the book.

Albers, Sönke and Krafft, Manfred: “Vertriebsmanagement. Organisation - Planung - Controlling - Support”, Gabler: Wiesbaden, 2013 (in German)

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