KLU hosts prestigious Marketing conference

Sönke Albers in front of flipchart

On September, 29th/30th, KLU welcomes renowned marketing scholars at the 16th Annual Conference on Quantitative Marketing. In partnership with McKinsey & Company, about 100 participants discuss latest insights and future trends in the seminal field of quantitative marketing.

Initiated by KLU’s Dean of Research Prof. Sönke Albers in 1999 to foster the research cooperation among German marketing scholars, the annual conference has grown to an outstanding platform for academic exchange. At the conference, about 100 renowned Marketing scholars from major universities in Germany and Europe get together to present new insights and discuss latest developments within the field of quantitative marketing.

Covering various areas such as online and mobile marketing, customer management, or pricing strategy, the Annual Conference on Quantitative Marketing combines academic rigor with practical relevance. Besides the academic exchange, the partnership with distinguished marketing practitioners is a key characteristic of the conference. As in previous years, the long term partner McKinsey & Company will contribute valuable insights from marketing practice.

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