KLU Kicks Off its First European Commission Project

Michele Acciaro standing in KLU faculty lounge

KLU was awarded with its first tender for the study on differentiated port infrastructure charges to promote environmentally friendly maritime transport activities and sustainable transportation.

“It was a close call in the competition against other consortia and I am very happy that we got the project,” said KLU professor Michele Acciaro, who will head the project at KLU. “This study is a great opportunity to work with top experts from the UK, Italy, Portugal and Belgium on this topic. I am convinced that it has a lot of research potential and is likely to make a difference in the future of European seaports.”

The other consortium members are the Italian consulting firm COGEA, the Free University of Brussels and the Portuguese IT provider GLINT. The project for the European Commission Directorate General on Mobility and Transport (DG MOVE) study on green charging practices for seaports will last one year.

It will involve collecting and structuring information on greenhouse gas and noise emissions and pollution from European seaports, and investigate how ports around the globe have developed differentiated charging schemes to promote greener shipping practices.

The results will contribute to the EU’s future port policy and represents an important step in establishing KLU as a center of excellence in research and education involving maritime logistics and sustainable transport.

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