KLU Movie Night

The red carpet was rolled out for the 4th annual KLU Movie Night, which showcased four-minute-long films written, directed, and produced by MSc students. In total, 21 short films entered the running for the prestigious prizes which were awarded on October 11.

The films shown at the KLU Movie Night are a byproduct of the Leadership and Organizational Behavior courses taught by Prof. Niels Van Quaquebeke and Prof. Christian Tröster, which are intended to help students understand human behavior and human interactions in organizations. The approach is just as unconventional as it is effective. Assigned to highly diversified teams, students across all MSc programs in the fields of Management and Supply Chain Management worked together across different cultures to achieve a common goal: making a great movie. The genres selected were equally diverse, ranging from comedy to drama.

KLU Move Night prizes were awarded in eight different categories, including Best Picture and Best Make-Up, and the event was followed by an after-show party organized by the students.

Best Picture
Schaper, Sina
Finkenstädt, Lara Aimee
Goj, Benjamin Tanaphop
Guglani, Vrinda
Kanschik, Johannes

Best Actor
Lile, Ryan Thomas

Best Actress
Woitzyk, Isabelle Sirin

Best sound
Bäumler, Mark Lines Leo
Hall, Fredrik Martin Helge
Ulbrich, Annalena

Best Special FX
Agarwal, Onam Vineet Kumar
Peißl, Jonas Tobias
Janßen, Timo Dominik
Böcker, Johanna Ingrid Rosemarie
Delinger, Jake

Best Costume
Menke, Niklas
Ostoich, Priscila
Röhlig, Florian Frank Johannes

Best Make-up
Hajiyeva, Amina
Hilt, Stefanie Margarethe
Hurlen, Caroline

Most entertaining
Borisov, Anatolii
Chen, Huiyi
McDonagh, Michael Jack
Cucchi, Brian