KLU Sports welcomes HTHC Business Club to the KLU Campus

In April 2022 KLU Sports welcomed the HTHC Business Club to the KLU Campus for the first time. In addition to members of the Business Club, several of their children and the HTHC Youth Teams were in attendance to learn more about pursuing a business degree. The highlight of the evening: a keynote speech by KLU Professor Alexander Himme on the topic of brands & sports. More than 70 invited guests were in attendance.

After a brief welcome from HTHC BC President Gerd Ruschmeyer and introduction to KLU from the university’s Dean of Programs, Prof. Christian Barrot, the evening’s keynote speech by Prof. Alexander Himme followed. How do brands work? What makes them so valuable? What is the role of brand values in sponsoring, especially in connection with sports? Prof. Himme addressed these questions in a lively talk that was both entertaining and garnered positive feedback from young and old alike, before the evening segued into a more relaxed atmosphere dominated by good food and drink.

KLU maintains an institutional partnership with the HTHC and is a member of the HTHC Business Club. The Club’s self-proclaimed goal is to serve as a collective of sponsors within the HTHC that primarily supports competitive sports but also social projects, and which offers its members a platform for networking and forming new business contacts.


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