KLU Starts New Semester with Face-to-Face Classes

Starting September 8th, Kühne Logistics University (KLU) will resume face-to-face classes, making the university one of the first institutions of higher learning in Germany to do so. As was the case at all German universities, for the last several months KLU has been conducting all of its courses online due to the Covid-19 crisis. But now the campus located in Hamburg HafenCity has reopened its doors for the start of the fall semester. Students who are not able to attend classes in person will still be able to participate online. In spite of the global pandemic and financial crisis, KLU has been able to top last year’s previous record of new admissions—thanks to digital and specifically tailored options we have been able to provide our students with. Even with current travel restrictions, the percentage of international students has remained consistent with the numbers of previous years at around 40 per cent.

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“We are thrilled that in spite of the ongoing coronavirus crisis we are able to welcome students back to our campus and that, once again, so many international students have chosen KLU for their studies,” commented Dr. Thomas Strothotte, KLU President. “We are starting this semester in Hamburg as one of the first institutions in the city to do so. We are well aware of the great responsibility this decision brings with it. Our students’ health is our top priority as well as their academic success and personal development.” (Overview of All KLU Precautions)

“All of our students who are unable to attend classes on campus will be able to continue their studies online,” assured President Strothotte. Apart from their regular classes students will also be able to fulfill other academic requirements such as sitting exams. In the week before the semester starting students were able to get to know one another by participating in a hybrid session offered both online and on campus. As soon as travel restrictions are lifted, students will be able to seamlessly transition into in-person classes on campus. And, should the need arise, KLU is prepared to move all courses back online at any time.

More Students Despite Crisis

The precautionary measures KLU has taken up to this point regarding the Covid-19 crisis seem to have been effective in gaining the trust of students. Despite the current situation, 2020 marks another record year for KLU admissions. 164 students, of which around 40 per cent hail from abroad, are enrolled in the institution’s bachelor’s and master’s programs. “We have been able to personally accommodate all of our students and have been able to provide a relatively smooth learning experience in spite of the crisis. These efforts are clearly reflected in the number of our admissions from abroad. These numbers ensure that we can maintain the international atmosphere on campus,” commented Professor Dr. Christian Barrot, Dean of Studies. KLU was able to advise each applicant individually prior to admission. Prospective students from all over the world were able to acquaint themselves with KLU by attending one of the Open Day events online. These events made use of a variety of input methods from YouTube, Zoom and social media to allowing attendees to sit in on current online classes.

Precautionary Measures During Covid-19 Crisis

In order to protect the health and safety of our students, staff, and guests, KLU has implemented a comprehensive safety and hygiene plan. Wearing a protective nose-and-mouth covering is required in all areas of the university. Furthermore, the number of class participants will be limited to a smaller group and a physical distance of 1.5 meters will need to be maintained within classrooms.

Press Visits:
If interested in gathering an impression of what is happening on campus before the start of the semester on September 8, 2020 and how we are planning on moving forward with face-to-face classes under protective restrictions, please write press@the-klu.org. Interviews with students, teaching staff other responsible parties can be made available upon request.

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