Meet Our PhD Candidates: Christina Imdahl

Learn about the research of PhD candidates at KLU and why they have given it their all.

What is your research about?
I examine various uncertainties along the supply chain and how to minimize / account for them. The first part of my research explores the influence of human behavior on the ordering process, i.e. how human planners tend to change their order quantity from the optimal order quantity based on the available information at the time of their order placement.

What is the most fascinating about your field of research for you?
I like the link between mathematics and the “real world” in my case productions. In my mathematics degree, I saw a lot of theoretical models but very seldom the application. For me, the most fascinating thing is to see a theoretical model applied to a real-world problem, to see the change that has to be made in order for that model to fit the application, and then lastly to evaluate what deeper insights we can gain from that problem to improve the underlying model.

Who will benefit from your research findings?
First of all, the main purpose of research is to generate knowledge. Still, I hope that I can provide insights that support companies in reducing the risk they are facing.


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