Meet Our PhD Candidates: Iurii Konovalenko

Learn about the research of PhD candidates at KLU and why they have given it their all.

What is your research about?
In general, it is about supply chain event management. More concretely, I focus on how physical events along the supply chain, captured with the help of sensor technology, can be processed and analyzed to make processes more traceable and conformant with the initial plan.

What is the most fascinating about your field of research for you?
Unlike some of the research that one finds in papers, the research paradigm I work in – design science – presupposes evaluation of the output in the form of software, approach, method, etc. as a part of a customary research cycle. It means that by the time I finish the program I will see how effectively my artefact can solve a real-world problem.

Who will benefit from your research findings?

Logistics service providers, other supply chain actors, and in particular decision-makers at these companies.


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