Meet Our PhD Candidates: Vasileios Kosmas

Learn about the research of PhD candidates at KLU and why they have given it their all.

What is your research about?
The research, entitled “Greenhouse gas abatement incentives and competitiveness of the shipping industry” focuses on the incentives derived either from regulators or from the industry itself, aiming at emission mitigation and energy-efficiency enhancement of the sector. The research examines a) the welfare implications of the introduction of a tax-levy scheme in global freight transport systems, b) the effect of the levy scheme on the competitiveness of Short Sea Shipping versus other transportation modes, c) the industry-driven incentive schemes that can be applied and the conditions under which these incentives can be more or less powerful than hard regulation.

What is the most fascinating about your field of research for you?
The most fascinating about this research is its value and contribution. It becomes more important if we take into consideration the significance of maritime transport for the global economy and global supply chains, and the effort made tackling global climate change.

Who will benefit from your research findings?

The study provides an academic contribution to the current knowledge on transport policy. As far as the real life industry is concerned, major stakeholders such as ship-owners, ship-operators and policy makers will understand the possible effects of GHG abatement incentives on the shipping industry’s competitiveness.


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