Meet The Pros: Exploring The Future of Transport

60 students listened attentively as Marc Giesen, Executive Director Consulting at DB Engineering & Consulting, talked about “The Future of Passenger and Freight Transport”. Giesen presented one of his current consulting projects, Hyperloop Technologies, Inc., during the latest event of KLU’s Meet the Pros on November 30, 2016.

“Hyperloop Technologies is currently developing an alternative transport system”, explained Giesen, “which would move cargo and passengers through tubes in a point-to-point structure.” The company commissioned Giesen and his team to evaluate the freight and logistics markets in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Qatar with a view to using its technology in those countries. “We were asked to identify potential transport corridors and the types of cargo that could be transported”, explained Giesen. In a second step, this information was used to determine the technical requirements involved in integrating the Hyperloop system into the existing transport and logistics networks.

Apart from discussing opportunities and threats for Hyperloop Technologies, Giesen also pointed out career opportunities for graduates at DB Engineering & Consulting.

Marc Giesen holds a degree in Business Administration/Transport Economics and has been working with Deutsche Bahn since 1998. After several managerial positions, he became an Executive Director of DB Engineering  & Consulting in 2014.

DB Engineering & Consulting is a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn offering advice from conception through to operation to clients around the globe. The company develops innovative and economic solutions for mobility and transportation services.