Meeting, Sharing & Growing – The KLU Internship & Study Abroad Welcome Back Meet-up

Group of KLU students laughing

On Monday, February 10, the class of 2014, which had just returned from its study abroad term, mixed and mingled with the classes of 2015 and 2016 to be part of our first Welcome Back meet-up.

The Welcome Back meet-up is the third in a series of events aimed at consolidating our student community. Over 40 students participated in the meet-up: meeting for the first time, sharing information relevant to internships and studying abroad, and growing closer as a community. Students from our partner institutions abroad, as well as students from KLU, were part of this special event.

The event started off with a fun team-building activity and moved on to an internship speed dating session. Each of the outgoing students had 3 minutes to interview upperclassmen to learn more about their internship experiences. During the lively event, they asked questions like: What was the content of your internship? How did you land the internship? How important was the ability to speak German well for the internship’s success? What would you recommend doing to get a really interesting project? The students took full advantage of the opportunity and the exchange of experiences between the students went on until the very last minute of the event.

The Study Abroad Fair rounded off the evening. KLU students represented many of the partner universities and countries, providing relevant information for the next KLU students going abroad. In addition to a colorful slide show showing pictures of last year’s students’ experiences abroad, the event offered a platform for lively networking and exchanges regarding exciting study abroad options.