NetloP & ENLoP: 1 program, 6 locations – a lifelong network

After a learning journey of a unique program in cooperation with six outstanding logistics institutions in Germany and Europe, the two KLU certificate programs called German (NetloP) - and European Network Management for Logistics Processes (ENLoP) end in Fall every year. They open up new career opportunities for junior managers and experienced project managers from industry, trade, forwarding and transport, and career changers into logistics.

Program manager Holly Hillen reveals in an interview why these certificate programs are a unique executive education experience.

Holly, what do these two programs have in common?

The two certificate programs support participants in establishing high potential networks, that have become indispensable for the optimization and design of cross-company processes for logistics management.

We have very good universities and logistics centers hosting the program, excellent faculty and industry speakers, who impart a great deal of fundamental management and supply chain management knowledge as well as covering important insights to current trends in the industry. Both programs have an appealing social program as well as company visits.

Of course in the pedagogical sense, the structure of the two programs are nearly identical. The programs include six seminar locations in Germany and Europe, each around 2,5 days, taking place about once a month for six months. Upon completion, the participants receive a certificate from KLU Executive Education.

What is the difference between the two certificate programs?

The NetloP program is coordinated in cooperation with partner universities on a national level within the DACH region (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland). This program is geared towards high potential employees, as well as team leaders and project managers, from all fields of business. This program is carried out mostly in German language.

The ENLoP program on the other hand, is organized in close cooperation with leading universities across six European countries, each specializing in a different aspect of business and logistics in that country. The content of the program is designed for people who work in supply chain and logistics functions but also as project managers. The participants on this program generally have a minimum of 5 years work experience.

The professional education market is booming. What makes NetloP and ENLoP so unique?

Teaching and further education is very often only offered by one institution and only in one country. In the ever changing climate of logistics and supply chain management, such topics can be better understood if one is exposed to different points of view and perspectives. Allowing the participants to visit different institutions in six different cities, in a setting where they are sitting next to other experts in the industry, who are participants themselves, allows for the chance to really exchange and get new ideas.

Holly, you accompany the participants to each location and keep in touch even after the program finishes. What has motivated you to take on this task?

I love traveling and meeting new people. I am a very internationally oriented person being originally from South Carolina, holding a Masters degree in German Studies from Florida State University, and living in Germany for almost 12 years now. Over the last 15 years I have been working in higher education, in various positions, and I really enjoy the aspect of supporting individuals in their journey of further education. My job allows me the opportunity to work with so many different people, from different industries and different countries.

I must admit, before working for KLU I had no idea about logistics. With my current and unique role as program manager and accompanying the seminars, I also now have the opportunity to listen to the lectures, hear the discussions, and through this I get a real feeling of what drives the participants and their businesses. I now feel very inspired and passionate about logistics and I can see how much impact this industry has on every day business. It is also an advantage to be so close with the groups, that I get feedback right away and can see it first-hand what is working, since I am there with them, from start to finish.

What happens after the programs finish?

Once the program ends, the participants become Alumni of KLU. We aim to keep everyone in contact at different events in the future, as part of the KLU Family. Ultimately, we are creating long-lasting connections and networks which is really invaluable in today’s world.

KLU Executive Education has been developing and managing the two open certificate programs on behalf of the Kühne Foundation since 2019. What other programs does Executive Education offer?

KLU offers several educational training seminars and programs such as our open-enrollment- as well as customized programs for companies. We also have a part-time MBA degree program in Leadership and Supply Chain Management which has a duration of 18 months and provides an exciting curricula and group dynamic, preparing students for leadership roles in the organizations in which they work.

I myself am responsible for managing our open-enrollment seminars, which also includes our 12-day International Summer School in Supply Chain and Logistics Management that takes place annually in July in Hamburg.

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Participants’ Voices:

  • NetloP is a really successful training program for executives. It’s a practice based think tank that facilitates informative lectures and interesting discussions among participants. It also provides a platform for networking and solidifying contacts that go well beyond the program. I would definitely attend again.”
    (Sabrina Zech, Head of Site Logistics Ingelheim, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG)
  • “In a VUCA world*, ENLoP sis very well oriented to give us the right tools to face the new challenges: globalization, digitalization, logistics and industry 4.0.”
    *VUCA is an acronym to reflect on the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity of general conditions and situations.
    (Gabriel Schumacher, Head of Logistics Finance, BSH Electroménager)
  • “good connection between teaching (universities) and application (companies) – good mix of participants from all areas of logistics – exchange as part of NetloP all around possible“
    (Maria Nahrstedt, Head of Operations, BLG Railtec GmbH)
  • “It was an enriching experience to see logistics and real business issues from other perspectives (shippers, service providers...) through participating in ENLoP.”
    (Alain Guerin, Director - Head of Cargo Products, Services & Technology Management, Swiss International Airlines)