New Dean Appointments

The KLU Deans

With the start of academic year 2016/2017, Professors Jan Becker and Christian Barrot are taking over more responsibility at KLU. Becker will succeed Professor Sönke Albers as Dean of Research and Barrot will take over from Professor Rod Franklin as the Dean of Programs.

“The key focus of the next two years will be the re-accreditation of our Bachelor of Science program. In addition, we plan to introduce several new, or re-designed, graduate programs by 2018,” Barrot said. His predecessor looks forward to handing him the reins. “I am planning to devote the time this frees up to my role as Academic Director of Executive Education at KLU and improving my teaching,” said Professor Franklin. 

As the new Dean of Research, Becker is now in charge of all research-related issues at KLU, especially faculty development, institutional academic cooperation, and the PhD program. “I would like to develop KLU’s PhD program to the point that it attracts the brightest students in the world,” said Becker.

Albers, the former Dean of Research, plans to spend more time on research and will finish some publications. The 68-year-old started to work for KLU in 2010 as the very first KLU professor with the main task of launching KLU. “The challenge was to position KLU as a research-oriented university seeking an academic reputation,” he remembers.

“I’m looking forward to working with Deans Barrot and Becker, and hearing their fresh ideas for KLU,” said Thomas Strothotte, President of KLU.