Organizing Aid: ARTE TV report with KLU expertise

During natural disasters or complex emergencies fast and efficient help is needed. This is where humanitarian logistics come in. TV channel ARTE recently broadcasted a TV report titled “Organizing Aid” with Maria Besiou, Professor of Humanitarian Logistics at Kühne Logistics University.

How can aid organizations respond to humanitarian crises as quickly and efficiently as possible? The ARTE science entertainment programme “Xenius” looks at the latest research findings on how NGOs can intervene. The report was produced in 2018 and was broadcast in August in German with English subtitles. The interview with Maria Besiou can be found at minute 10:35 to 15:00.

At KLU Maria Besiou studies dynamic complex systems, characterized by multiple actors and feedbacks. Her research focuses on the decision-making of commercial companies and humanitarian organizations, while managing their supply chains. Hence, the insights can be transferred to policy-makers and decision-makers dealing with supply chain issues.