The Contract of the Current KLU President Expires at the End of 2022

The contract of KLU President, Professor Dr. Thomas Strothotte, will end as scheduled after almost 10 years on Dec. 31, 2022. The Kühne Foundation has already established a search committee and is confident in finding a suitable successor for the next term.

Professor Strothotte, as KLU President, has been largely responsible for several of the university's successes during his decade of service. He has succeeded in the balancing act of acquiring KLU’s institutional accreditation from the Wissenschaftsrat (German Science Council) and the right to award doctoral degrees. While at the same time, he established an industry focus at KLU, which complements its research excellence. During his two terms in office, he ensured digitalization is integrated into the teaching and research of KLU's core competence logistics and accelerated the university’s internationalization.

Professor Strothotte is offering to make the upcoming transition period as smooth as possible within a framework yet to be defined, especially if there is a delay in identifying a suitable candidate. "As KLU’s future development is very important to me, I am committed to keeping this offer for some time and accommodating it within my current discussions regarding my professional role beyond KLU," comments Professor Strothotte.