Professors at KLU Achieve Good Marks in the Wirtschaftswoche Ranking – and Develop Their Own Evaluation Tool

Ranked among the 100 best professors for business administration, among the 100 best young professors as well as in the Lifetime Achievement Ranking of the Top 25: In addition to the overall assessment of their university, the professors of Kühne Logistics University (KLU) in Hamburg achieve good results in the WirtschaftsWoche Ranking which compares the achievements of around 2.500 professors. Since this only applies to three countries, one of them built his own ranking tool.

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Jan Fransoo, PhD, Professor of Operations Management and Logistics at KLU, is one of the 100 professors of business administration in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with the strongest research performance. Prof. Dr. Sönke Albers, Professor of Marketing and Innovation, ranks 14th in the ranking for scientific lifetime achievement. Jan Fransoo, Prof. Dr. Asvin Goel, Professor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, and Alan McKinnon, PhD, Professor of Logistics, also reach a place among the best 250 with their lifetime achievement. Prof. Dr. Alexander Himme, Associate Professor of Management Accounting, and Prof. Dr. Maria Besiou, Professor of Humanitarian Logistics, are among the top 100 under 40-year-olds.

"Following KLU's excellent performance in the university ranking, I am delighted that the achievements of our professors are also being recognized," said KLU President Prof. Dr. Thomas Strothotte. "This shows us that we are on the right track and that as a young university we can already compete with older institutions.”

While WirtschaftsWoche's ranking refers to Germany, Austria and Switzerland, KLU is even going a step further – with its own ranking tool. "Of course we are proud that KLU performs so well in this comparison," says Asvin Goel. "But research takes place in an international context. That's why I came up with the idea of applying the criteria of the current WirtschaftsWoche Ranking on an international level." Goel has developed its own ranking tool, P-Rank. This shows that Germany, along with the USA and Hong Kong, is one of the countries with the strongest scientific research output.

P-Rank offers several internationally recognized ranking methods to choose from, including the WirtschaftsWoche Ranking. "Each ranking uses different criteria for evaluation and weighs them differently," explains Goel. "Depending on how the parameters are chosen, this can also lead to different results.”