Pros Day 2 at SV Bergstedt

At the second Pros Day, field hockey players and KLU sports scholarship students Marie Jeltsch (Germany) and Jack Heldens (USA) won new admirers. At a special training day held at the SV Bergstedt facilities they showed children and teens their professional skills.

The highlight of the training day came at the end: a U.S.-Germany mixed-team game with both youth and adults and Jack and Marie as team captains. Afterwards the evening wound down in a cozy, typically American fashion with hot dogs and drinks.

It was the second event of its kind in cooperation with KLU and SV Bergstedt Hockey where national league players and KLU hockey scholarship students get to talk to club members, share tips, and talk shop about studies and sports careers.


KLU supports top athletes with a special sports program – both financially and by allowing for the balancing act between competitive sports and academic studies via flexible solutions in scheduling and exams.