Senacor Technologies AG to Fund PhD Candidate in Information Systems

Andre Ludwig in the KLU faculty lounge

Senacor Technologies AG, a leading German IT consulting company, is funding a position for a PhD candidate. Dr. André Ludwig, Associate Professor of Computer Science in Logistics at Kühne Logistics University (KLU), will be supervising the candidate.

“With this new joint initiative, KLU and Senacor Technologies AG are providing PhD candidates with the opportunity to do research while being deeply integrated in real-life industry projects,” said Dr. André Ludwig.

The research has two focal areas: the intersection of logistics/supply chain management and information systems and advancing logistics processes by leveraging the capabilities of ubiquitous computing. Possible research fields include – but are not limited to – modeling and managing logistics information systems, engineering and managing logistics service systems, business process management, real-time process monitoring, systems integration, and logistics information platforms.

The PhD candidate will have a 3-year full-time contract with KLU. This includes participating in KLU’s complementary PhD program and having access to KLU’s excellent research infrastructure and a network of leading scientific and business partners worldwide. The candidate will also be involved in industry projects with the customers of a leading IT consulting company.

“I am particularly pleased about our partnership with Senacor Technologies because it completely reflects our goal of acting as an intermediary between academia and business. In this case, we are providing our excellent research environment as a place for solving practical problems at the interface between logistics, supply chain operations and digitalization,” said KLU’s president, Dr. Thomas Strothotte.

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