“Sharing” Colloquium at KLU

Sharing Economy

From September 30 to October 2, KLU hosted an interdisciplinary colloquium entitled “Sharing – More for everyone versus less for me?” organized by RespectResearchGroup. Young researchers dedicated themselves to the topic and its many facets. The points of discussion included the refugee crisis and economic innovations such as airbnb and car sharing.

Fifteen MSc students and post-graduates attended the colloquium. They discussed the meaning of sharing, its advantages and disadvantages, and its effects on society.

Uwe Lübbermann, the founder of Premium Cola, opened the colloquium with a keynote speech on his innovative, thought-provoking corporate concept. Lübbermann developed and implemented a business model based on consensus democracy. After the keynote, participants commented and discussed the sharing-based principles implemented at Premium Cola.

Next, it was the young researchers’ turn to present their work, which examined the topic of sharing from different angles. Does airbnb have anything to do with sharing? Or is it just another capitalistic idea disguised as a prosocial act? Do people mind giving a greater share of their income to those in need via increased taxes? What kinds of people share their knowledge with others? Does it make a difference to the observer if intimate pictures are shared online voluntarily or involuntarily?

The colloquium shed light on the topic from both the scientific and practitioners’ perspectives. To conclude the colloquium on an enjoyable note, everyone met for food, drinks and conversation in HafenCity.

The RespectResearchGroup’s colloquia promote the exchange of ideas between practitioners and young researchers. Their main goals are to foster mutual inspiration and resolve the practical issues related to the specific challenges that participants face in their research. Katharina Kraneis, Louisa Meyer, and KLU PhD candidate Jennifer Ulrich organized this year’s colloquium. KLU, Premium Cola, Edeka, Lemonaid and Samova supported the colloquium.