Startup Day (February 6 and 7, 2020)

How can research support startups and innovations in logistics? Answers to this question will be provided by leaders from around 50 logistics startups and scientists from Kühne Logistics University (KLU) at the 4th annual Startup Day.

Roughly 400 students, KLU alumni and industry professionals are expected to be in attendance at this year’s event, which is being sponsored by KPMG, Plug and Play, Sovereign Speed, and umlaut Consulting.

How can Science Support Innovations in Logistics?

On campus, startups will present innovative technology and business models. What makes the startup day so special is the close ties it has to the teaching and research done at KLU. Hanno Friedrich, Professor for Freight Transportation – Modeling and Policy and academic organizer explains, “We’re not offering a typical startup scene-style 90-second pitch. We’re going right to the heart of the issues. Around 50 presentations will answer this year’s central questions: Where is the innovation in logistics? And how can science help?”

Data Analytics, Food and Sustainability

Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Transport, Food, Supply Chain Management, and Sustainability are just a few of the wide range of topics that will be covered this year. The market place with startups’ information booths are a central meeting point for networking. Hiring companies can meet highly trained students. In a short amount of time, managers from large companies are able to get a lay of the land for the future of the logistics industry and see what is up and coming on the innovation market. In addition, students are able to make contacts for their thesis topics.

The event transpired initially from a regular lecture held by Professor Friedrich. This year students will take on yet again some of the organizational duties and give presentations during the sessions. The Startup Day is the only entrepreneurial event for the logistics industry at an institution of higher education in Germany. “We didn’t just want to talk about innovation; we wanted to meet the innovators themselves. So, we started inviting entrepreneurs.” The event started in 2016 with 15 companies, some of which have taken part every year since.

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