(VIDEO) Corona: Campus Reopens for Public and Students

Just in time for the start of the Fall semester 2020/2021, KLU classrooms are reopening for face-to-face teaching. Campus has been open again for public and students since July 15th as the university has been able to successfully implement a binding hygiene plan. This comes after the fourth quarter of the previous academic year being taught completely online as a response to Covid-19 crisis. Several additional measures had needed to be taken to ensure safety and health of KLU students, staff, and guests in order to guarantee as little impact as possible on university operations. Read on to find out what major adjustments are in store for the upcoming semester.

KLU Campus reopens: Hygiene concept at KLU in times of Corona




Starting on September 8th, courses taught in either hybrid formats (courses which combine offline with online teaching elements) or 100% online will be on offer to bachelor’s, master’s and part-time MBA students. The format for each individual course will be determined by the needs and capabilities of local and international students in each of the respective programs.  

General Safety Rules

Wearing a mask or protective face covering is mandatory everywhere on campus until further notice. This includes in the hallways and the library. KLU recommends this practice for all situations in which a safety distance of 1.5 meters cannot feasibly be maintained. All rooms which are used for university operations are equipped with a ventilation system that pumps 100% air from the outside. In addition, separate hygiene and protection plans will be implemented for all non-teaching events attended by more than 25 participants on campus.

Teaching Regulations

In accordance with the local authorities’ current regulations, teaching on-site is once again permitted and will resume on September 8th. The maximum number of students allowed in a classroom has been reduced in order for a minimum safety distance to be maintained between all persons. Compared to the previous quarter’s regulations, the library is now open to the public, and it is no longer required to pre-register to access its facilities. Furthermore, the offices at Student Services have resumed offline operations.

In addition, several new regulations have been put in place which will allow for the infection chain to be traced in the event of a Covid-19 case reported on campus, e.g. maintaining contact information lists and collecting them weekly.

Measures for Staff

Whenever possible, university management recommends the use of video conference or conference call technology in place of face-to-face meetings. In order to further reduce the risk of infection on campus, long-distance commuters are encouraged to work from home.

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