Welcome Freshmen!

On Friday, September 5th KLU organized the traditional Freshmen Team Buiding event for the new students. 12 facilitators took care of 110 students, who were asked to fulfill a number of challenges like the “The Maze”, “Toxic Waste”, “Six-pointed-Star” or the finger-painted World Map and finally the human formation of “KLU ‘14”. The Master, Bachelor and Exchange student faced their challenges in mixed groups and used their time to communicate and connect before starting their studies.

The day before the Career Development Team organized an “Welcome to the KLU Community’ event, following last year’s Code of Conduct workshop.

The goal of the workshop was to put the KLU’s Code of Conduct into practice to make it more tangible for its community members. By sensitizing the participants for certain aspects which shape the KLU community, the grounds for cooperation and togetherness at KLU were smoothened.

Working in four groups on the topics Campus Life, Communication, Intercultural Awareness & Diversity, and Roles in the Community, freshmen, alumni, staff, and faculty were invited to join and contribute by sharing own experiences. Real KLU scenarios were used as a basis for discussion in each group and participants will develop and discuss own ideas of how to react and respond in certain cases.

More impressions and photos of the Welcome Week!