Building Competitive Advantage through Lean Six Sigma Operations | KLU

Diego Jorge Garcia Susini, KLU student, Executive MBA

Building Competitive Advantage through Lean Six Sigma Operations

Target Group: 

  • Mid- and senior-level executives
  • Vice-presidents and directors of operations
  • Finance, sales, and planning executives
  • Product managers
  • Entrepreneurs and executives in product development

Program Duration: 3 days

Method: Presentations, productive in-session assignments, group workshops, case studies, and animated computer simulation modules

Academic Directors: Prof. Dr. Jörn Meissner

Certificate: KLU Executive Education Program Certificate


  • The business process flows framework
  • Analyze process flows to target improvement efforts
  • Science of lean and six sigma
  • Basic process dynamics
  • Managing the Corrupting influence of variability


By cutting through the rhetoric and debunking the last decade's fads, this program provides realistic ideas for building sound operating strategies. Executives can discover ways to effectively reinvigorate their organizations and improve performance from the fundamental minutia up to the most crucial deals. These practical tools and concepts present the necessary building blocks for maintaining a competitive advantage and providing sustainable growth.

Learning Outcomes and Benefits for your Company

Participants explore a framework for diagnosing, improving, and designing effective processing systems and for identifying leverage points with the greatest impact on the bottom line. They will learn how to launch programs for revitalizing operations and create an environment centered on learning and knowledge sharing. Further, the program will provide participants with an understanding of the operations planning process, help them create strategies that run parallel with the organization’s overall disposition, and give them the tools to build employee commitment to change and innovation.