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Professor Çerağ Pinçe, Assistant Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management

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  • Journal Articles (Peer-Reviewed)

  • Pinçe, Çerağ, Mark Ferguson and L. Beril Toktay (In press): Extracting Maximum Value from Consumer Returns: Allocating between Remarketing and Refurbishing for Warranty Claims, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management.
  • Pinçe, Çerağ, Hans Frenk and Rommert Dekker (2015): The Role of Contract Expirations in Service Parts Management, Production and Operations Management, 24 (10): 1580-1597.
  • Dekker, Rommert, Çerağ Pinçe, Rob Zuidwijk and Muhammad Naiman Jalil (2013): On the use of installed base information for spare parts logistics: A review of ideas and industry practice, International Journal of Production Economics, 143 (2): 536-545.
  • Pinçe, Çerağ and Rommert Dekker (2011): An inventory model for slow moving items subject to obsolescence, European Journal of Operational Research, 213 (1): 83-95.
  • Pinçe, Çerağ, Ülkü Gürler and Emre Berk (2008): A continuous review replenishment–disposal policy for an inventory system with autonomous supply and fixed disposal costs, European Journal of Operational Research, 190 (2): 421-442.
  • Journal Articles (Professional)

  • Pinçe, Çerağ (2015): Retourenlogistik: Aufbereitete Ware für Garantieansprüche zurückhalten., Logistik heute.
  • Pinçe, Çerağ and Rommert Dekker (2013): Minimizing downtime risk: Installed base information and service parts forecasting, Baltic Transport Journal, 4.
  • Books

  • Pinçe, Çerağ (2010): Advances in Inventory Management: Dynamic Models, Erasmus Research Institute of Management (ERIM): Rotterdam.
  • Working Papers

  • Pinçe, Çerağ and Emre Berk (2015): Strategic Stockouts under price promotions.
  • Pinçe, Çerağ, Laura Turrini and Joern Meissner (2015): Intermittent demand forecasting: spare parts management.
  • Bhaskara, Prithveesha G., Peter Comhaire, Çerağ Pinçe and Enver Yücesan (2016): Syngenta Deploys Accurate Response in the Corn Seed Supply Chain.