German Logistics Podcast: Das Gleiche in Grün?!

Sustainability and logistics – can the two be combined? Podcast series (in German) with Prof. Moritz Petersen.

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Study: Paying for Performance

A nice, hefty bonus in addition to your salary as a reward. Sounds tempting? A KLU study shows the dark sides of such systems.

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How KLU is saving energy

KLU contributes its share to tackle the energy crisis and to save the climate. Together, we can make the biggest impact!

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Kühne Logistics University is the University for Logistics and Leadership driving the world’s welfare through focused research and education.

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Joint conference with the OA: Impacts of the Ukraine War on logistics and supply cha...

On November 24, the challenges for supply chains and logistics resulting from Russia’s war on Ukraine were in the spotlight at the conference “Turbulent Times: Impacts of the Ukraine War on Supply Cha...

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Trust the machine! Enhancing the cooperation of humans and AI

Supply chain planners have the option of changing forecasts made by self-learning systems based on artificial intelligence. Does this add value? And which forecast is more reliable – the software’s or...

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Logistics: Love at Second Glance – Alumni Story with Jan Frahnert

Today he is at home in the world of ships and containers. Hamburg logistics entrepreneur and KLU alumnus Jan Frahnert (MSc Gl...

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Yummy in 10 languages: International food tour in Hamburg

All human big festivities across cultures and religions have a common denominator, and most times the true protagonist of the...

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German Logistics Podcast: Das Gleiche in Grün?!

Sustainability and logistics – can the two be combined? Even if we answer with yes, there’s still the question of how to do i...

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How to design surveys and experiments for top tier publishing

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Logistics Tech Talk with Unilever, Bringoo & Circus

How to publish in the Academy of Management Journal

Research Seminar Series

How can we minimize regional food shortages in the face of unexpected la...

Research Seminar Series

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