Kühne Logistics University - Code of Conduct | KLU

Sara Maradey and Natalia Kapranchik, KLU almuna, Master in Global Logistics

KLU’s Code of Conduct

I. Objective

The objective of the code of conduct is to capture the KLU community’s shared understanding of standards of good conduct in written form. It will help us to act in accordance with KLU´s Mission, which will foster the achievement of our goals as described in our mission statement.

II. Scope

1. Target Group

The code of conduct applies equally to all members of our KLU community, including:

  • the students of every program, including doctoral students,
  • the Faculty,
  • the University Management team members,
  • as well as alumni

2. Purpose

As a set of concrete standards of good behavior, the code of conduct complements our mission statement. The standards of good behavior contained in the Code of Conduct are applicable to all members of our KLU community in a multitude of contexts, and we voluntarily pledge adherence to them. The code of conduct neither establishes a new legal basis, e.g. for penalties, nor does it amend or replace existing laws or regulations.

This is a living document which invites critical evaluation. It reflects our diversity and affirms our commitment to non-discrimination regarding gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, nationality and culture.

Working and studying together requires consideration of each other´s boundaries and the ability to constructively resolve conflict. Building a community requires a set of shared values and goals. Creating a vibrant community requires a sense of ownership, responsibility and communal spirit. This document is a blueprint for learning and working together as a community.

The Code of Conduct is also meant as a map for the future, as we encourage those who pass through Kühne Logistics University to take an ethical stance in the world. We invite each of you to participate.

3. Implementation

A working group "Code of Conduct" commits itself to establishing the code of conduct in the hearts and minds of our KLU community as a key element of our daily interactions and our culture. Furthermore, it devotes itself to its continuing improvement and can comment on its interpretation.

Furthermore, the working group serves as a contact point for suggestions regarding the enhancement of the Code of Conduct. Material amendments to the Code of Conduct can only be passed after broad discussion among all KLU members, and an affirmative vote in the Senate.

Finally, when called upon by the KLU Administration or representatives of KLU’s groups, the working group can comment on the consistency of concrete situations with the Code of Conduct.

The working group consists of one person representing each of the following KLU groups: Bachelor students, Master students, PhD students, the Faculty, the University Management team members, as well as Alumni.

Reevaluation, revisions and confirmation of the KLU Code of Conduct take place every three years.

4. The KLU Code of Conduct:

  • promotes a shared sense of community,
  • codifies a standard of conduct that we all agree to live by, based on a sense of shared value,
  • communicates our values and mission to the outside world

III. Standards of good practice

1. Respect

  • We shall treat each other with respect, fairness, and tolerance.
  • We shall value people irrespective of characteristics or attributes such as gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, color, religion, nationality, ethnicity, age, social status, race and disability.
  • We see diversity as a source of enrichment for our community.
  • We shall champion the active integration of all, especially foreign, KLU members into our community.

2. Cooperation

  • We shall communicate openly and honestly, while dealing with information conscientiously and responsibly.
  • We shall be helpful and support one another.
  • We shall ensure that criticism is constructive, and provide encouragement.
  • We shall help and promote each other in our professional and personal development.