Financial Performance Management and Management Control

Degree program: MSc Management

This module provides an overview of the most important International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) rules. Students learn how to identify and measure the financial effects of economic events on firms and report them to external stakeholders. The students also become aware of how these reporting standards may affect strategic management and financial performance. The module teaches students how to extract and modify costs in order to make informed managerial decisions. Students will learn how managers can use cost information to plan, make, and control decisions. These planning and control activities also focus on various budgeting procedures and incentive schemes. The students will also become familiar with tools for controlling and measuring specific investments (e.g., marketing investments) and determining the return on these investments.

Course facts

Offered by Prof. Dr. Alexander Himme
ECTS credits 5 Credit Points
Semester 2 (Spring)
Method of examination Written Exam (50%), Written Assignments (50%)