Nonprofit Management

Degree program: BSc Business Administration

This module is part of the profile "Sustainable Management". The purpose of this course is to deepen the understanding of  nature and major trends of the nonprofit sector and its organizations, using theoretical lenses to explore key current debates and their implications for practice. Students in this course will identify and interpret key theories, issues, debates and challenges as experienced in the nonprofit world. They will consider the implications for their own practice and will assess trends, functions, impact and strategic actions needed to fulfill the mission and measures of success of nonprofit organizations. They will also build their knowledge into a specific case of nonprofit organizations: humanitarian organizations. 

Course facts

Offered by Prof. Dr. Jan Becker , Prof. Maria Besiou, PhD
ECTS credits 6 credit points
Semester 5 (fall semester)
Method of examination Written assignments (50%), Written exam (50%) or Oral examination (100%)