Class Speakers

Class Speakers Welcome

Dear Prospective Employers,

As the student representatives of the Kühne Logistics University’s graduating classes of 2016, we would like to welcome you to our publication of this year’s BSc and MSc degree graduates. Over the course of the last two to three years, the KLU’s programs have developed a wide variety of talents and skills by providing a modern learning environment and employing the best professors in their fields. On the following pages, you will find an impressive mixture of expertise and aptitude combined with the different cultural backgrounds and personal interests that make each of us unique.

At KLU, we have acquired in-depth insights into supply chain best practices and have become familiar with the tools required for developing effective strategies when solving logistics problems. The managerial leadership skills we now have enable us to analyze, plan and implement customized techniques for effectively managing operations. The inspiring mixture of researching real world solutions combined with insights shared by various top managers have pushed us to think outside the box.
The MSc and BSc programs at KLU have given us the opportunity to further develop our cultural and emotional intelligence by studying and living together with different people from around the world – be it at our home campus or during our semesters abroad.

During internships and projects, we gained practical experience with the multi-nationals, SMEs and NGOs that lead their respective industries as a result of state-of-the-art management and supply chain excellence. All the personal and business relationships we have established during this time have made us eager to attain new goals and increased our ability to effectively collaborate in teams.

We are confident that we will perform with the highest degree of commitment while maintaining the fast pace that contributing to the workforces of organizations around the globe requires. We have grown together to form a solid network based on the belief that our strength is our willingness to demand the best from ourselves in any situation. As highly motivated professionals and authentic leaders, we feel well prepared to take on the business world.

Best regards,
Your Class Speakers of 2016