Thomas Strothotte

President's Welcome

Eighty-four young and hungry minds are about to kick-start their careers. As our first alumni survey proved, more than 90% of them will be hired within six months of their graduation.


  • Each of them brings international experience to the table. Not only through a semester abroad, but also by living and learning in constant interaction with fellow students from 20 nations.
  • Each of them has followed a customized Career & Personal Development Program, preparing them for interviews and ACs and helping them identify their talents and use them to the benefit of their organization.
  • Each of them has applied this knowledge during an internship in one of our handpicked partner companies, which gave our interns an overall rating of 4.5/5 last year.

It is this mixture of professional, personal and international experience that makes our graduates exceed expectations.

I invite you to connect with them and see for yourself how your company can profit from hiring the next generation of professionals. And I invite you to connect with KLU, be it with our Career department, our faculty or myself, to become a part of the KLU community.

I look forward to meeting you.


Dr. Thomas Strothotte
President of Kühne Logistics University