Jakob Stary

Being a scholarship holder of the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes connected me to a network of engaged students, alumni, as well as professors and enabled me to gain insights from different fields. The Studienstiftung helped me to grow personally and professionally through a wide offer of workshops, events, and language courses. Through the gifted education program, KLU enabled me to study at this excellent business school with a focus on logistics. I am grateful for the opportunity to follow a high-class program at an outstanding university in the heart of Hamburg.

Jakob Stary, Student MSc in Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Class of 2021

Kenneth Heinecke

The Friedrich Ebert Scholarship (FES) gave me access to a broad spectrum of exclusive workshops, seminars, and excursions in Germany and other FES locations all over the world.  The financial support over the course of my studies, from my bachelor’s up to my doctorate enable me to focus on what really matters – academics, networking, and gaining relevant work experience. There’s also a great opportunity to form lasting friendships and professional partnerships with scholars sharing the same values that go beyond the length of the program. I can highly recommend any student with decent to top grades or any kind of social involvement to apply for scholarships. Don't hesitate to reach out via LinkedIn if you need any background information regarding the application process.

Kenneth Heinecke (MSc Management, Class of 2022)

Nimisha Gopakumar

I came to KLU having substantial knowledge about logistics. The infinite potential this field holds is astonishing, and I am so grateful for having discovered humanitarian logistics. I think this is my greatest takeaway from the two years I spent in Hamburg. KLU opened doors of opportunities and even took me across countries to help restore humanity. Surprisingly, my career had just begun as I will be moving to the Middle East to help humanitarian organizations strengthen their supply chain with the knowledge I gained at KLU.

Nimisha Gopakumar, Graduate MSc in Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Class of 2019

Veekshith Ravikumar

KLU taught me to look at supply chains from a global and multidimensional perspective, while studying in an international ecosystem. I’m indebted to all the staff and faculty for their compassionate support and making me feel home here at KLU and in Hamburg.

Veekshith Ravikumar, Student MSc in Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Class of 2021

Professional swimmer Max posing in front of golden egg

I don’t think you’ll find the combination of top-level sports and excellent education that is provided here at any other German university.

Max Nowosad, MSc Management

Marie Besselmann

Since my Bachelor studies, the combination of the KfW student loan and the Brain Capital financing scheme has been the perfect way for me to finance my academic education. I decided for those options as I don’t have to pay the full tuition all at once and can rather concentrate on my studies first. Once I have a regular income, I will make the repayments.

Marie Besselmann - Student MSc Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Class of 2019

KLU student Gerhard

Hamburg ist eine großartige Stadt zum Leben! Es gibt hier viele einzigartige und abwechslungsreiche Bezirke, in denen immer etwas los ist. An der KLU findet man schnell Freunde aus allen Ecken der Welt, mit denen man die Zeit an der KLU und in Hamburg gemeinsam genießen kann.

Gerhard Hafstroem, seit 2019 Student des MSc Global Logistics & Supply Chain Mangement

KLU student Gui

Die multikulturelle, dynamische Lernumgebung der KLU hat mich schon in der ersten Woche meines Master Programms beeindruckt. Als Student fühlt man sich hier schnell als Teil einer großen, internationalen Familie, für die Zusammenarbeit einer der wichtigsten Werte ist. Zuvor hatte ich mich sieben Jahre lang ausschließlich auf meine beruflichen Vorhaben konzentriert. Die einladende Atmosphäre der KLU hat für meinen erfolgreichen Wiedereintritt in das akademische Leben eine große Rolle gespielt.

Guilherme Rodrigues, seit 2019 Student des MSc Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management

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Bachelor in Business Administration (BSc)

Bachelor in Business Administration (BSc)

3 years

Duration study program


Language of instruction

15 July 2023

Application Deadline

Exchange semester

Standard & Intensive Track

Integrated Internship

Intensive Track: 2 internships

Standard Track (180 ECTS)

Intensive Track (210 ECTS)

Our Bachelor of Science in Business Administration lays the groundwork for an international career in management. The teaching method includes case- and project-based learning, excursions, business simulations, integrated internships, a semester abroad and regular interaction with industry professionals. Students choose one of four profiles (international management, sustainable management, supply chain management, or digital management and innovation), allowing them to focus on their chosen area and helping to prepare them for their future career goals. 

Once a student has decided on KLU, the last choice is the track: either standard (180 ECTS) or intensive (210 ECTS). The intensive track allows more in-depth exposure to the coursework, a second internship and with the extra credits, could offer more options when choosing a master degree. Students join the 'KLU family' from day one. As part of this community they have the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy, while growing into competent professionals apart of a strong global network. 

Tamara Straub Lopez

KLU is not just any ordinary university. The multitude of opportunities KLU offers to students, like visiting companies and networking events, are incredibly advantageous and really helpful for the future. On top of that, there is close contact to professors in interactive classes, who never hesitate to answer any of your questions.

Tamara Straub Lopez, Student BSc Management, Class of 2020

KLU student Emily

At KLU, I am able to interact in a multicultural environment, learn about new cultures and I feel part of the KLU-family. This university and the people keep my motivation high and teach me about more than just academic topics, like respect and equality. It is like a second home for me.

Emily von Bergen, Student BSc Management, Class of 2020

Hauke Schnepel

What I value about the KLU is two-fold: it provides an excellent academic foundation for a successful future, and it encourages you to grow as an established individual, fostering confidence and approachability.

Hauke Schnepel, Student BSc Management, Class of 2020

KLU student Andres

One of the things I like the most about being at KLU is the comfortable study environment KLU offers. Not only do you feel comfortable on campus, but you also get to meet people with different backgrounds and work alongside with them, giving each student a very unique way of developing themselves throughout their studies.

Andrés Escalante, Student BSc Management, Class of 2020

KLU student Ellen

For me the highlight of being a student at KLU is definitely the community. From the students to the faculty and staff, everyone has been incredibly welcoming and supportive from day one.Their support allows me to excel academically and guides me in the right direction on my career path. And, because of the international student body, I am able to discover many different cultures. The overall encouragement and diversity create a very special atmosphere on campus.

Ellen Huang, Student BSc Management, Class of 2020

KLU student Sebastian

You can consider KLU as a “gateway to the world,” as they say in German. An intercultural university with students of more than 30 nationalities located in Hamburg, KLU gives students the opportunity to connect with people from all around the world and to experience a multifaceted city. I could not imagine a better place for taking the first step into my future and establishing my own network.

Sebastian Tschirner, Student BSc Management, Class of 2019

Mulan Bartz

Studying at KLU is an all-inclusive package. Coming here every day means meeting with my friends — who are as passionate about our subjects as I am. Classes are very interactive, and our professors are highly supportive. The beautiful facility plus the ideal location in HafenCity make the whole experience even more enjoyable. I am happy that I chose KLU!

Mulan Bartz, Student BSc Management, Class of 2019

KLU student Vanessa

The courses at KLU are carefully synchronized, leading to  fast progress through the content without unnecessary repetition. The small size of the classes allows me to ask questions to the professor, if something is unclear. The lectures are often complemented by practical examples or projects illustrating the theory in a real-world context. The projects create a vivid, motivated atmosphere in class, which makes me enjoy my studies at KLU very much.

Vanessa Wolgien, Student BSc Management, Class of 2019

KLU student Lee

The KLU-Experience not only includes learning theoretical concepts in class but also experiencing their implementation outside of the classroom. For example, our excursions to Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services and the container terminals at the harbor were extremely interesting and valuable.

Lee Weisgerber, Student BSc Management, Class of 2019

How to Apply

  • High school diploma/school leaving certificate (qualifying for entrance to German universities)
  • Proof of English language proficiency: please have a look at our different options here 
  • Interview with program management and faculty members
  • Additional requirements may apply for applicants from certain countries. Please inquire.

You do not have your school leaving certificate yet? Just provide a transcript of records including all grades given to date and you can hand in your school leaving certificate at a later stage.

  • Start of application period: November 1st
  • Early Bird deadline: January 15 (more information)
  • International application deadline (recommended): March 31 (more information)
  • International application deadline (final): May 31 (more information)
  • Application deadline: July 15

We recommend that you submit your application as early as possible. For fully completed applications received by January 15, you will be granted a 10% early-bird discount on your total amount of tuition fees. To be entitled for the discount you need to fully complete the online application form and submit it together with your transcript of records. More information can be found here

International (non-EU) applicants please note: The visa process takes up to two months, starting on the date of acceptance by KLU. Please keep in mind that there are a lot of other organizational matters to deal with when planning your study abroad. That is why we advise you to apply as soon as possible (see recommended international deadline).  For details on the application deadlines for international applicants please see our FAQ.

We require a non-refundable application fee of €50 for non-EU/EEA applicants. Your application will only be processed once we have received this. Please note that we offer application fee waivers for selected candidates. 

We will consider your application as soon as we have received all the required documents (and application fee for all non-EU citizens) and will notify you of the board of admission's decision promptly (6-8 weeks).


BSc in Business Administration
Standard Track

3 years
6 semesters

6190.00 per semester

BSc in Business Administration
Intensive Track


3 years
6 semesters

6890.00 per semester

Tuition fees are charged per semester. A non-refundable deposit of EUR 1,000 is due within two weeks after the receipt of the signed study contract. The deposit will be deducted from the first tuition fee installment.

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KLU’s professor's answer: What sets KLU apart?

KLU’s professor's answer: What sets KLU apart?

Curriculum and Services

Exchange semester

Standard & Intensive Track

Integrated Internship

Intensive Track: 2 internships

Standard Track (180 ECTS)

Intensive Track (210 ECTS)

Our three-year BSc in Business Adminstration program starts every September.

  • Courses in management/economics, and personal skills
  • Two profile lines: human and environment or data and systems 
  • Four profiles: international management, sustainable management, supply chain management or digtial management and innovation
  • Optional intensive track with higher workload and additional practical training
  • Exchange semester with partner universities
  • Three-month practical training period
  • Bachelor’s thesis (3 months)

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Student Recruitment & Marketing Manager (BSc & Preparation Program)

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