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Useful tips to maximize your student experience! Our articles will keep you informed and let you discover Hamburg and KLU.


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We call it KLUster because it literally clusters lots of useful information and insights about studying at KLU in Hamburg like the super helpful tips found in our blog articles, a podcast (coming soon) showcasing student life on- and off-campus, and recommended articles by our professors! It also gives you inspiration and tips for your career and personal development. Oh, and don’t miss out on all the random cool facts, TikToks, memes, videos and more that will brighten your day!

Who's behind Podcast, Blog & The KLUster?

The host

Patricia Bendala is the author of our blog and also one of the team members of our KLU Student Recruitment. Born and raised in Madrid, Spain, she shares our passion for traveling and studying abroad, having herself spent a year abroad in Germany during her bachelor’s and a semester abroad in New York while doing her master’s. She completed her studies in Journalism and Communications in Madrid, and has since worked more than five years in the media, including more than two years as a journalist and broadcaster at the Spanish National Radio. Patricia has been part of the KLU family since January 2021.

The producer

A lot of work is needed behind a good interview. Assisting the host in this podcast we have our Lead Student Ambassador Laura Guaglini. A natural fast-learner, Laura puts together all her outstanding organization skills to coordinate the guests, the scripts, the set-up for recording, and all the little details that happen behind the scenes. She is the knot that holds all the strings together. Laura is a last year bachelor’s student at KLU.

The sound-technician

Right from the film sets of New York City our expert sound-technician Christopher Esterguard studied Radio Broadcasting in the US, and has over 9 years’ experience working in sound, first as a radio producer and on-air personality, shifting later towards sound-mixing in the film and tv industries in New York. He is the master behind the high-quality of the sound of our podcast.