Moving to Germany


Moving to Germany


There are lots of things to manage if you want to study in Germany/at KLU. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has created a website that explains all the steps: The most important thing is to apply for your visa in time. We recommend non-EU applicants to apply at KLU five months before the commencement of studies, and to apply for visa right after having received the acceptance by KLU. The KLU Student Services team is there to actively offer you advice and support with the points in the process listed below. 

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Jana Gruber

Student Services Manager

10 steps to your degree in Germany

The video series “10 Steps to Your Degree in Germany” released by the DAAD explains how to apply to a university in Germany. Ana, the protagonist from Brazil, is not a KLU student and not all of the information applies directly to the degree programs at KLU. However, the videos communicate the most important terms and answer many questions that you may be wrestling with right now. Ana speaks German in the videos and each episode has English subtitles.