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Diego Jorge Garcia Susini, KLU student, Executive MBA

Effective Business Communication and Personal Branding

Target Group: 

  • Group/Team leaders
    • Department heads
    • Divisional heads
    • Sales Personnel

    Program Duration: 2 days

    Method: Interactive workshops, group work, practical exercises

    Academic Directors: Prof. Dr. Rod Franklin and Prof. Dr. Christian Tröster

    Certificate: KLU Executive Education Program Certificate


    • Awareness of the significance of being authentic in sales.
    • Self-awareness: Gain insight in what makes you a good sales person and what sets you apart from others.
    • Building a personal brand by articulating your unique value proposition.
    • Enacting your personal brand during a sales situation and assess the self-other perception gap.


    Participants will learn how to be more effective and more comfortable in their sales role through building a personal brand. In particular, participants will learn how to differentiate themselves and stand out from other sales persons by identifying and articulating their unique value proposition and leveraging it with a consistent message and image. Rather than changing who you are in order to fit customers’ expectations you will identify and enhance traits that you already bring with you. 

    Further, being able to present oneself, one’s company, and one’s solution in an effective and convincing manner is critical to developing solid relationships with a customer. The workshop will focus on how to effectively convey complex solution information in a simple, yet effective manner, so that individuals feel comfortable with what is being discussed as well as with the individual who is driving the discussion.

    Learning Outcomes and Benefits for your Company

    The seminar will be taught as a two-day long workshop. It uses a variety of methods to ensure effective learning in a practical context. Occasionally there will be short lectures given by the professor. For another valuable part of the program, however, participants will discuss relevant topics and interact during exercises. Exercises will be completed individually and/or in a group. This set-up should encourage participants to think independently and critically to develop ideas how to improve their sales practice and how their personal branding can benefit their company.

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