KLU's 10 years anniversary 

10 years of award-winning teaching and research

KLU's 10 years anniversary 

10 years of award-winning teaching and research

Discover 10 years of award-winning teaching and research – Download KLU’s Anniversary Magazine

Dear KLU Students, Faculty and Staff, and friends of KLU,

During 2020, we at Kühne Logistics University have been celebrating our 10th anniversary as an independent institution of higher learning. We would have loved to celebrate this momentous occasion with you, right here on our campus in Hamburg. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, that’s simply not possible.

Nevertheless, we would like to invite you to look back together with us on 10 years of award-winning teaching and research. To celebrate our anniversary, we have put together a magazine with highlights of these exciting years as well as the university we have become – including our students, our faculty, our researchers, our staff, and numerous individuals who have supported us and helped shape our development.

On this page, we have prepared a selection of the contents of our Anniversary Magazine. Please do have a look – after all, this is your KLU!    

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Thomas Strothotte, PhD (McGill), MBA (Columbia)
KLU President



This is your KLU - discover our anniversary magazine

Logistics is a sector with a bright future. With digital technologies and alternative drive systems, more efficient and environmentally friendlier transport systems can be developed. As a Hanseatic and port city with a long tradition, Hamburg has become one of the largest commercial and logistics hubs in Europe and is shaping the future of the transport sector. Kühne Logistics University is a perfect fit for Hamburg and major contributor to this success. Very best wishes on your 10-year anniversary!
Photo: Roland Sawatzki/Senatskanzlei Hamburg

Dr. Peter Tschentscher, First Mayor and President of the Senate of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg

Last but not least COVID-19 has shown us what is important today when it comes to good leadership: people who are courageous, who are prepared to make quick and unconventional decisions, who can (and want to) give orientation, who think outside the box. In short: leaders who not only know how to use their business management tools but are also trained to deal with complex situations. In other words: who have learned to think! ... (read full greeting)

Prof. Dr. Burkhard Schwenker, Chairman of the Roland Berger Advisory Council

For a 10-year-old, KLU sure knows a lot. Your expertise is in transforming logistics, and the HHLA is also benefitting from it. One example: KLU’s part-time Corporate MBA program, which 12 of our employees are currently enrolled in. Congratulations, KLU!
Photo: HHLA / Thies Rätzke

Angela Titzrath, Chairwoman of the Executive Board, HHLA Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG

Two decades ago, there were many universities around the world that were researching and teaching on logistics or supply chain management: in Germany, mainly at technical universities, and at various operations departments in the USA. But there were hardly any universities that chiefly focused on commercial logistics and on training top young people in logistics and supply chain management, without neglecting research. It was Klaus-Michael Kühne who, as a logistics entrepreneur, recognized this deficiency and set himself the goal of creating a first-class academic institution, ... (read full greeting)

Dr. Wolfgang Peiner, Former Finance Secretary of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Founding President of Kühne Logistics University

Happy 10th Birthday, KLU! The US Consulate General Hamburg is delighted to join you in celebrating “10 years of award-winning teaching and research.” This is an exciting milestone for such a young institution. KLU can look back on an excellent record of accomplishments over the past decade. At the same time, it can look forward to its continued flourishing as a dynamic innovation hub and an inspiring launch pad for future leaders in what enables our trade relationship: transport and logistics... (read full greeting)

Darion Akins, U.S. Consul General in Hamburg

My congratulations to KLU! In the course of its first decade, it has become a shining example that reveals the significance of logistics. Also, my heartfelt thanks go to its founder, Klaus-Michael Kühne, for this visionary contribution to our sector!

Michael Behrendt, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Hapag-Lloyd AG

Over the past ten years, KLU has established a distinctive profile through its specialization in logistics and supply chain management, and has followed a clear moral compass. From its headquarters in the Hafen-City, it has successfully navigated through the international academic discourse, delivering consistently high research performance along the way. Accordingly, receiving certification to grant doctoral degrees from Hamburg’s Senate was a well-deserved distinction. KLU stands out, as the latest rankings confirm, by providing ideal conditions for studying and teaching, ... (read full greeting)
Photo: Senatskanzlei/Reinhardt

Katharina Fegebank, Second Mayor of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, and Senator at Hamburg’s Ministry of Science, Research and Equality

Dear President and dear colleague Mr. Strothotte,

Congratulations to you and the whole team at Kühne Logistics University (KLU) on your 10th anniversary! It is a great pleasure for me to observe how quickly and successfully KLU has developed over the last 10 years. Because 10 years is a short time span by university standards.

This is what makes KLU so special for me: this young and creative desire to think and move forward, which quickly opens up current research fields and paves the way for modern teaching methods ... (read full greeting)
Photo: Johannes Arlt

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Kersten, Director of the Institute of Business Logistics and General Management, Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH), and Founding President of the Hamburg/Kühne School of Logistics

KLU is a fantastic place to study and pursue research, and one of the top addresses that Germany has to offer for logistics students and professionals. In everything the KLU think tank produces, you can sense the entrepreneurial spirit of its founder and the dedication of those involved.
Photo: BVL

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Wimmer, Chairman of the Board, Bundesvereinigung Logistik (BVL) e. V.

KLU is an excellent address for logistics students and logistics researchers alike. For the past 10 years, it has done an exemplary job of combining theory and practice, in close collaboration with the business sector. Its expertise and educational programs will continue to advance our sector. Congratulations on your anniversary!

Hans-Georg Frey, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Jungheinrich AG

Greetings to KLU on its 10th anniversary! KLU appeals to Indian students, as shown by the fact that 20 KLU students came from India last year. KLU is a top university for logistics, supply chain management and leader ship, and provides the best possible education to its students. All the best, KLU!

Madan Lal Raigar, Consul General of India in Hamburg

To date, KLU is the only logistics university in the world, and it has an ambitious mission. In its first 10 years, KLU has made tremendous progress toward achieving its goals. It can be particularly proud of the fact that, in university rankings, students consistently give it top marks. And the Kühne Foundation can be very proud of KLU as its “flagship project”.

Dr. Christian Berthold, Managing Director, Kühne Foundation

Logistics is the interdisciplinary field of tomorrow for business and society. Kühne Logistics University was founded with a mission: to shape the future by combining management and logistics. Just 10 years later, KLU can claim impressive successes in education and research, and has become an internationally recognized institution, supported by the strategically and sustainably oriented Kühne Foundation. I would like to express my gratitude for the chance to contribute, along with my best wishes for the future!

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Straube, Technische Universität Berlin

Logistics is changing radically—and not exclusively but especially due to the coronavirus pandemic. Digitalization, climate change, and the likelihood that supply chains will change are raising countless new questions. In order to provide our readers answers to these questions, we as professional journalists need access to competent experts who can point out the latest trends, explain key connections and take a look “outside the box” of operational logistics. In other words: scientists and researchers... (read full greeting)

Sebastian Reimann, Editor-in-Chief, DVZ Deutsche Verkehrs-Zeitung

10 years ago, when KLU was founded, I thought to myself: how bold. And: how urgently needed in our largely “unacademic” ecosystem. What I think today: KLU can rightly claim to be an international leader in both logistics research and logistics education. I wish you many more successful years to come!

Dr. Hansjörg Rodi, President Europe Region, Kuehne + Nagel (AG & Co.) KG

Congratulations to Kühne Logistics University – KLU – on its 10th anniversary. The establishment of this highly respected academic institution in 2010 marked a milestone for the German logistics and service industry. Over the past decade, KLU has become a valued source of expertise and research for sector- relevant industries. I have personally attended a number of KLU conferences and had the pleasure to listen to the distinguished speakers, who analyzed diverse aspects of managing supply chains and shipping in Russia and Europe in general... (read full greeting)

Andrei Sharashkin, Consul General of the Russian Federation in Hamburg

When you look out the window from the KLU Building, you can see far into the HafenCity, and its mix of modern and historical buildings. You can see cargo being loaded and unloaded on some of the docks, and perhaps a cruise ship, but you’ll definitely notice the Elbphilharmonie. There couldn’t be a better   location for KLU—a city where various business sectors meet, that has international appeal, and is firmly grounded in the world of logistics. Over the past several years, DVV Media Group has implemented various joint projects with KLU, and we look forward to many more.

Oliver Detje, Publishing Director Logistics & Transport, DVV Media Group Hamburg

Growing connections

Happy Birthday, KLU! With your research, international teaching, and training of the excellent workforce of tomorrow, you have been boosting Hamburg’s status as a logistics powerhouse for 10 years. We look forward to continuing our collaboration, dialogue and creative interaction with you! #CSGLATKLU #HAPPYBIRTHDAY #KLU

Rolf Habben Jansen, CEO, Hapag-Lloyd AG

Thanks to its excellence in research, its outstanding international network, and its focus on application-oriented education, Kühne Logistics University represents a unique and fertile ecosystem, where business models for tomorrow’s logistics are being developed and researched. On the occasion of its 10-year anniversary, KLU has shown how well equipped it is to meet the challenges posed by crises, and to make its research and educational activities more innovative, more sustainable and more forward-thinking... (read full greeting)

Michael Harms, Executive Director and Prof. Dr. Peer Witten, Member of the Executive Board, German Eastern Business Association

Happy 10th birthday to all the students, faculty and staff of KLU! It is impressive to see all that you have accomplished over the years. My students and I greatly appreciate the quality of the logistics study trips you host for us. Looking forward to our continued relationship. All the best!

Prof. Michael Knemeyer, The Ohio State University

Thanks to its study programs, international professorship and outstanding research, KLU is a beacon in the university and research landscape. In this spirit I would like to congratulate KLU on its 10th anniversary and look forward to a successful future cooperation.

Prof. Gordon Wilmsmeier, Universidad de los Andes

We are proud that we’ve been a partner of KLU since its foundation. KLU is a very relevant university and we’re looking forward to further enhancing our collaboration and expanding the exchanges between our universities in the future. We wish you all the best and every success!

Alejandra María Vilalta Perdomo, Tecnológico de Monterrey

Over the past six years, KLU has grown to become one of our most important international partners across a wide range of programs including the innovative Tricontinent MS-SCM. We rarely fi nd an international university that shares our DNA to deeply impact the profession through a combination of high-quality teaching and research, coupled with unparalleled relevance to industry. In KLU, we feel as though we have found family in another country, and we immensely enjoy working together to shape our rapidly developing field... (read full greeting)

Shay D. Scott, Ph.D., University of Tennessee

Dear KLU Friends,
On behalf of School of Economics and Management, may we begin by expressing our heartfelt congratulations to everyone at KLU on this auspicious 10th anniversary celebration. It is hard to believe that you achieve so much within only 10 years. Now KLU has become a highly recognized rising star of nurturing professional logistics talents for Germany and beyond, all of which are inseparable from the visionary and insightful ideology of Kuehne Foundation... (read full greeting)

Prof. Dr. Jiazhen Huo, Academic Director of Tricon Program, Chairman of the Advisory Board of SEM and Prof. Dr. Song CHEN, Deputy Dean for Int’l Relations, School of Economics and Management, Tongji University

KLU brings together in Hamburg students from around the globe with a passion for logistics. Thanks to the professors’ diverse types of expertise, and working in close cooperation with companies from various sectors, it offers varied and practicebased degree programs—which optimally prepare students for the challenges they will face in the business world.

Marco Wagner, Member of the Board of Management & HR Director, Airbus Commercial

For most universities, ten years is likely fairly young. But for an academic institute that blazes new trails; that rapidly implements what other universities only consider; that doesn’t have to reinvent itself because it’s been modern, contemporary or even ahead of its time, not to mention international, from the beginning; for a university like that, ten years represent a milestone in modern education. As a company and partner of KLU, we profit from our students’ new, innovative and international ideas... (read full greeting)

Martin Araman, CEO, Sovereign Speed

10 years of KLU: 3,650 days characterized by dynamism, internationality and success. KLU is a windfall for German and international business alike, because it is training the next generation of managers, who are urgently needed for our globally linked logistics and commercial enterprises. An excellent education, ties to practice, and an unprecedented focus on logistics and management... (read full greeting)

Volker Tschirch, CEO, AGA Unternehmensverband Großhandel, Außenhandel, Dienstleistung e. V.

On KLU’s 10-year jubilee: CONGRATULATIONS! I have the highest respect for what you have achieved to date and would like to express my best wishes for the future. With a focus on logistics, KLU stands for top-notch academic rigor with a strong focus on practical application. Its innovative and international character make KLU a shining star among academic institutions.

Dr. Thomas Staehelin, Member of the Supervisory Board of KLU

As a lecturer I am very impressed by the combination of academic excellence and lived practical relevance that KLU represents. For some years now, graduates of the DHBW Lörrach have been successfully continuing their studies in Hamburg. I would like to congratulate KLU on its 10th anniversary!

Prof. Dr. Joachim Schäfer, Director of Transport & Logistics Study Programs, Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg

Thanks to its excellence in research and education, in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region KLU is a lighthouse for logistics with international reach. It stands for openness, global collaboration and outstanding academic performance. Moreover, the link to practice can be seen in all KLU activities, as a core component of its DNA.

Prof. Dr. Peer Witten, Vice-Chairman Supervisory Board, Executive Board of Logistik-Initiative Hamburg e. V. and Chairman Board of Curators

I’d like to congratulate KLU on the occasion of its 10th anniversary—10 successful years of dedication, continuously striving for excellence and developing into a top of the class university for Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Especially in today’s global and challenging times, efficient and sustainable supply chain management is more important than ever. I appreciate KLU’s international focus and especially the continuous inclusion of several Mexican students ... (read full greeting)

Hans-Christian Sievers, Consul Honorario de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos

KLU is an internationally respected university for funding bodies, and offers outstanding options and conditions for students. For us, it symbolizes openness to the world, a sense of modernity, and above all, a passion for logistics. We are delighted to have KLU as a strong partner, and extend our sincere congratulations on its anniversary.

Andreas Jansen, Senior Vice President Global Human Resources, Jungheinrich AG, and Chairman of the Board of Dr. Friedrich Jungheinrich Foundation

Martin Willhaus, former Managing Director of the Kühne Foundation

I consider KLU Executive Education to be one of the best continuing education portfolios available for the logistics industry at a higher level. It stands out for its mixture of new findings in logistics research, practical lectures and excursions to companies to see “best practices” in action. In addition, KLU has the most beautiful campus for executive education, with an inspiring panoramic view over the port of Hamburg, the gateway to the world! 

Martin Willhaus, former Managing Director of the Kühne Foundation

Miriam Hartje, MBA in Leadership and Supply Chain Management, Class of 2020

Many thanks for 18 inspiring months in which I was able to grow in so many ways. Great classmates, great professors, great & challenging sessions – all in all a decision I will never regret.

Miriam Hartje, MBA in Leadership and Supply Chain Management, Class of 2020

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Jeff Kirby, International Summer School, 2019

I had made an investment into a supplychain-driven business and needed to learn as much as I could, as quickly as possible, and from the leading experts in the world. As a mature student, in my late 50’s, going back to school was a tiny bit intimidating for me. At KLU, I met people from all over the world and in diff erent parts of the supply chain—a fantastic selection of people of different ages, cultures and career paths... (read full greeting)

Jeff Kirby, International Summer School, 2019

Benjamin Kingsley Ghansah, International Summer School, 2018

Being introduced to the best practitioners and diverse international teams in the industry in a competitive world was phenomenal, not to mention the marvelous executive education office staff.

Benjamin Kingsley Ghansah, International Summer School, 2018

Roland Beeler, Enlop, 2019

I have very fond memories of the ENLoP Class of 2019. The lessons featured excellent content and the organization of the studies was highly professional. I really appreciated the good balance of interesting lectures at international universities together with well-arranged opportunities to experience local culture. Another advantage was the opportunity to network with experienced supply chain professionals from other companies. My heartfelt congratulations to KLU on its 10th birthday!

Roland Beeler, Enlop, 2019

Only 10 years old but as refi ned as the oldest universities like Cambridge, Oxford, Bologna, Sorbonne, Heidelberg … and as eff ective as MIT, Berkeley or Stanford! I wish you just as much success for the future. It was really nice to join a program at a young and dynamic university like yours and I hope it continues to prosper in the years to come. Good luck and congratulations!

Gabriel Schumacher, Enlop, 2019

During our MBA class trip to Shanghai, my classmates and I went to a market. Some of the MBA students from Europe were confused by the Asian culture, in which you have to bargain when shopping. There’s no fixed price and you can easily mistake knockoff s for the original products. As the only Asians in the group, we, the students from Indonesia, helped them to do the bargaining. Welcome to Asia, guys …That was a fun and memorable time. Happy 10th birthday, KLU!

Roy Prabandaru, KLU EMBA Jakarta, 2017

I would say that the greatest reward for this short course is certainly the friendship and bond that I have established with my classmates which we are still keeping in touch. I wish KLU greater success and hope that you would continue to inspire more students!

Tan Ching-Siow, Summer School 2018

Let’s celebrate our 10th anniversary and wish hundreds more to come!

Alexandre Bonato, MBA Class of 2020

Alfredo Motty, International Summer School, 2015

KLU contributes for bringing to the global marketplace top caliber SCM  Executives through innovative and cutting edge international training and development programs in the global supply-chain field. My best congratulations to all KLU team for this important milestone. It was a fantastic experience and always will have best memories of the time I spent in Hamburg with our colleagues.

Alfredo Motty, International Summer School, 2015

Alexander Klute, MBA in Leadership and Supply Chain Management, Class of 2020

I have excellent memories of the great times during my MBA at KLU. Everybody involved, the KLU staff, my fellow students and all the people we met on our 1.5-year journey made it an unforgettable experience.

Alexander Klute, MBA in Leadership and Supply Chain Management, Class of 2020

As part of the first bachelor's year at KLU, I was already then impressed by the possibilities and the rapid development of the university. I am curious to see where the journey and development of the next years will lead. I wish KLU all the best for its 10th birthday and hope that the innovative and international, but at the same time familiar spirit (as I experienced it) will be maintained in the future.

Eike Simon Langer, B. Sc. Management, Class of 2016

Today, ten years after being founded, KLU is an internationally recognized research institution, and not only in the logistics community, or in the economic sciences; thanks to the consistently international orientation of its curriculum, KLU’s degree programs are also known and respected by students and those involved in higher education in politics, companies and universities. KLU is also dedicated to solving real-world problems in the transport and logistics industry, and I am pleased to see that it is now also providing political advice ... (read full greeting)

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Kummer, Head of the Institute for Transport and Logistics Management, Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, and NetLoP partner

Together with KLU we organize outstanding events that bring together politics, business and science. In 2019 the President of Costa Rica visited KLU, to discuss environmental protection at the highest levels of politics. We look forward to future joint events and are delighted to have found a strong partner for research, science and education in the field of transport economics and logistics. Best wishes on your 10-year anniversary!

Orlando Baquero, Managing Director of the Business Association for Latin America / LAV

We wish to congratulate KLU, its students, staff and administration on their 10-year anniversary. As “next-door neighbors” since 2013, we’ve been able to follow a great deal of its impressive development firsthand. With consistently excellent scores in the CHE university ranking, on Studycheck.de and in countless other rankings, KLU has proven time and time again that it enriches Hamburg’s university landscape with high quality and a sound concept. Achieving all this in just 10 years speaks for itself. For the future, we wish KLU continued success.

Ilona Renken-Olthoff, Managing Director, MSH Medical School Hamburg

KLU doesn’t just stand for traditional logistics; it also stands for digitalization and start-ups. I may not have given my very first pitch at KLU, but definitely the most exciting one of my start-up career when I had the chance to present Evertracker at KLU’s first pitch event. That day I was welcomed to the logistics community with open arms. Accordingly, to me KLU stands for the combination of an “old” world with the openness of the young digital world ... (read full greeting)

Marc Schmitt, CEO, Evertracker

The Logistics Alliance Germany (LAG) would like to congratulate Kühne Logistics University (KLU) on its 10-year anniversary, and to wish it continued success in training the logistics experts of tomorrow. In an age of expanding digitalization, complex supply chains spanning countries and continents need experts with an international background. With passion and commitment, KLU is training those experts ... (read full greeting)

Stefan Schröder, Chief Advisor Logistics Alliance Germany (LAG) and the entire LAG Team

For us, the BME Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, KLU has been a constructive and innovative partner from the outset, constantly bridging the gaps between pioneering research and lived practice. Our more than 500 members in Hamburg / Schleswig-Holstein have consistently shown their interest in our shared topics and events. From personalized education 4.0 to the digital transformation of business processes, there has been a lively and mutually beneficial exchange of our respective experiences and visions – “from today and tomorrow.”

Hergen Oetjen, Chairman of the Management Board, Association for Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics Schleswig-Holstein (BME)

On behalf of everyone at the Olympiastützpunkt Hamburg / Schleswig-Holstein, I’d like to congratulate KLU on its birthday, and everyone who contributed to the past 10 years of the university’s successful development. Thank you for an outstanding, lively partnership! Thanks to KLU’s scholarship program, we can offer outstanding athletes a top-notch education, giving them the best possible preparation for their career after sports. In this regard I’d like to underscore KLU’s outstanding flexibility when it comes to finding individual solutions that reconcile university studies with professional sports

Ingrid Unkelbach, Head of the Olympiastützpunkt Hamburg/Schleswig-Holstein

Our Faculty

KLU’s vision is to be the university for Logistics and Leadership, promoting economic development and social prosperity around the world through focused research and education. It is our mission to enhance the status and increase the understanding of logistics and leadership in research and education, in industry and society. As we move into an increasingly digital era, the role of logistics and supply chain management is becoming more and more important. Climate change and pandemics like COVID-19 pose major threats to supply chains, though they can also create new opportunities for the logistics sector. KLU, with its interdisciplinary and international faculty, strives for research excellence in logistics, transportation, supply chain management, and business topics like leadership, accounting, marketing, innovation, finance, strategy and human resource management. (read full statement)

Prof. Maria Besiou, Dean of Research

Meet the KLU Faculty

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Prof. Dr. Michele Acciaro

Associate Professor of Maritime Logistics / Director Hapag-Lloyd Center for Shipping and Global Logistics (CSGL)

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Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Sönke Albers

Professor of Marketing and Innovation

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Prof. Dr. Christian Barrot

Professor of Marketing and Innovation & Dean of Programs

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Prof. Dr. Jan Becker

Professor of Marketing and Service Management

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Prof. Dr. Maria Besiou

Professor of Humanitarian Logistics & Dean of Research

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Prof. Dr. Prisca Brosi

Associate Professor of Human Resource Management

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Prof. Rod Franklin, PhD

Full Professor of Logistics Practice & Academic Director of Executive Education

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Prof. Dr. Hanno Friedrich

Associate Professor of Freight Transportation - Modelling and Policy

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Prof. Dr. Asvin Goel

Professor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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Prof. Dr. Alexander Himme

Associate Professor of Management Accounting

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Prof. Dr. Kai Hoberg

Professor of Supply Chain and Operations Strategy & Head of Department of Operations and Technology

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Prof. Dr. Günter Lang

Adjunct Professor of Economics

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Prof. Dr. Henrik Leopold

Associate Professor for Data Science and Business Intelligence

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Prof. Dr. André Ludwig

Associate Professor of Computer Science in Logistics

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Prof. Alan C. McKinnon, PhD

Professor of Logistics

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Prof. Joern Meissner, PhD

Professor of Supply Chain Management and Pricing Strategy

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Prof. Dr. Björn Michaelis

Adjunct Professor of Management and Organisation

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Prof. Dr. Moritz Petersen

Assistant Professor in Sustainable Supply Chain Practice

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Prof. Dr. Christina Raasch

Associate Professor for Digital Economy

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Prof. Marcos Ritel, PhD

Assistant Professor for International Trade

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Prof. Dr. Sandra Transchel

Professor for Supply Chain and Operations Management

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Prof. Christian Tröster, PhD

Associate Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior

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Prof. Dr. Niels Van Quaquebeke

Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior & Head of Department of Leadership and Management

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