Unexampled Examples

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Unexampled Examples

Organizations | Leaders | Employees | Fresh paths 

Unexampled… tells stories of organizations, leaders, and employees who stopped emulating established patterns and instead asked more fundamental questions that paved the way for doing things very differently… at times even very successfully so.

More than ever, our world is changing. Fast. New technologies enable new business models, services, and products. New work concepts challenge established work assumptions. The next generation demand to be better, more sustainable, and more mindful about the future. And sometimes we stumble across people who do things just a little bit different than they are usually done. Their stories challenge us to rethink whether to accept the world the way it is.

We aim to curate inspiring examples of unexampled deeds. We do not aim to present yet another benchmark or best-practice talk. In fact, we strongly recommend against any “copy and paste” approach. But, if you ever felt frustrated with sentences like “this was always done this way”, “why do you reinvent the wheel”, and “that’s too risky”, we hope that our speakers inspire you to find, follow, and flourish on your own way. 

The first series of daily online lunch conversations with our speakers will take place in the week between September 27 and 30, 2021:

Joachim Hensch
Unexampled… unconventional digitalization of traditional industries

Sept 27, 1-2 pm

Consultant Joachim Hensch will share his hands-on experience of implementing Industry 4.0 in the fashion industry as former factory director of Hugo Boss. Join an interactive session with the 2021 LinkedIn Key Opinion Leader on Industry 4.0 in which he will share his business insights and especially his personal experiences and lessons learned from transforming an organization.

Valentin Altenburg
Unexampled… developing talent for championships

Sept 28, 1-2 pm

German Hockey U21 head coach Valentin Altenburg develops the talents for future world championships. And he gives it a new spin. . Maybe his own experience in the national Hockey team helped him, maybe  his teaching in difficult school districts for two years, or maybe it is just his drive to rethink how things are done. There is certainly much to learn from Valentin on leadership and life.

Uwe Lübbermann
Unexampled… rethinking corporate owner- and leadership

Sept. 30, 1-2 pm

Because his favorite Cola changed its recipe, Uwe Lübbermann started to produce his own Cola. He used the original recipe - but did everything else VERY differently. He established a collective production system, in which he orchestrates the interests of all involved parties and every voice is valued. Uwe will share with us his experiences on how to do things differently - and he is eager to hear your voices on how we should be doing business.

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