Unexampled Examples

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Unexampled Examples

Organizations | Leaders | Employees | Fresh paths 

Unexampled tells stories of organizations, leaders, and employees who challenged the traditional structures and patterns of their industries, and had the courage to break against the status quo; paving the way for those who follow. Companies and people who have found success through Unexampled leadership.

Our world, industries, and livelihoods are changing faster than ever. New technologies enable new business models, services, and products. New work concepts challenge traditional structures and assumptions. The next generation of consumers and employees demand companies to be better, more sustainable, and more mindful about the future. Amidst these changing tides, we sometimes stumble across people or organizations who do things just a little bit different than how they are usually done. Their stories challenge us to rethink what industry can be, and whether we can afford to sit back and just accept the world the way it is.

We aim to curate inspiring examples of unexampled deeds. We do not aim to present yet another benchmark or best-practice talk. In fact, we strongly recommend against any “copy and paste” approach to innovation and leadership. If you ever felt frustrated with notions like “it’s always been done this way”, “don’t reinvent the wheel”, or “that’s too risky”, we hope that our speakers inspire you to find, follow, and flourish down your own unexampled path. 

Introducing… Unexampled live at KLU! 

We’re excited to host 4 Unexampled leaders from Hamburg for a panel on leadership, Start-Ups, entrepreneurship, and what it takes to challenge industry norms. Across different industries, these founders, managers, directors, and innovators all, in one way or another, saw an outdated industry and took it upon themselves to change the status quo. Join us on campus to learn from and discuss with them at our Leadership & Start-Up Panel on Tuesday, September 27th at 18.00.

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For those who cannot make it to campus, we will also offer a zoom live stream.

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